PES 2020 Preview: These new features will make Konami’s game compete with FIFA

  • Konami announces Man Utd partnership
  • They’re making some serious improvements in their Master League mode
PES 2020 Preview New Features
This year could be a turning point for PES

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 is going to be released this autumn. The creators of PES often receive criticism regarding their gameplay and lack of official licenses. This year, they’ve stepped their game up. Here’s our PES2020 preview with new features and some exciting info.

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer often receives criticism regarding their gameplay and their lack of official licenses. While there’s some valid point in these, PES has improved a lot in recent years and took some important steps in the good direction regarding these two main issues. In the last few days they’ve announced their partnership with Manchester United, while their Master League seems so much more exciting than FIFA’s career mode. 

Their new Man Utd partnership seems exciting

PES 2020 Preview New features
Scott McTominay’s going to be the face of the Man Utd edition

One of the biggest deals Konami made is this new contract with Manchester United. Though online sportsbook sites in the UK suggest the Red Devils’ chances are pretty low to win the title next season (Unibet expects them to finish in the 3-5th place) they’re still the second most valuable football club on Earth.  

That’s why it’s still huge news that a special ‘Man Utd edition’ of the game is going to be released. They’ve got the names right (finally), the Old Trafford, the shirt, the whole thing’s 100% licensed. The whole body of the players was scanned, and based on the trailers their appearance does look super realistic. Also, David Beckham and Park Ji Sung are two of the new Man Utd legends who you’ll be able to play in the new PES. That’s really something. 

Master League is definitely better than Career Mode by now

One of the biggest critiques FIFA gets is that their Career Mode has improved nothing in recent years. They haven’t fixed some of the bugs for ages, the whole thing seems outdated and boring by 2019. However, fans love the concept and would like to play with a decent Career Mode in the future… and here’s where PES comes in.

Their answer to Career Mode is called Master League, and it looks like it’s going to look amazing in the next game. It’s going to be full of animations and stuff, you can actually talk to the press, to the players, the board, the footage is fully shown. You can actually customize your own manager, or you can play with one of the legends in the game – like Maradona. Or just imagine Cruyff winning the Champions League with Ajax – Unibet argues it’s basically impossible to happen IRL. In PES, however… Let’s just say: challenge accepted. 

A few things that made PES 2019’s Master League better than FIFA 19’s Career Mode:

  • Costumize your own manager’s appearance
  • Monthly stat reports of your players from scouts
  • Testimonial games for your retiring players
  • Incredible tactics system
  • Coach mode
  • Better training system


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