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Posted: May 12, 2022

Updated: May 12, 2022

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Image source: Santeri Viinamäki, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pesäpallo is among the less known sports betting markets. This is good news since you can turn this to your advantage. Some say that the sport is the Finnish version of baseball, but it’s so much more. It takes a lot of various skills that baseball doesn’t. What’s more important is that pesäpallo offers countless opportunities for bettors. Since it’s not as popular in Europe as in Finland, our pesäpallo betting guide will help you make money with this sport! This fact is exactly what gives you the chance to win big, as most pesäpallo bookmakers offer many betting events but do not spend much time determining the odds properly. In addition, outside of Finland, most bookmakers have only a basic knowledge of the sport. So if you play your cards well, you can get ahead of the game!

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Pesäpallo in a nutshell

Finland is full of innovative sports and fun or crazy activities. Check out our article about crazy competitions to bet on! In Finland, pesäpallo, a combination of American baseball and other sports, is the national sport used for military service. The activity became so popular that it even appeared at the 1952 Olympics as a demonstration sport in Helsinki. Let’s take a quick look at pesäpallo! Lauri Pikhala, an Olympic athlete, created this sport to improve the physical abilities of soldiers, like eye and motor coordination. This brings us to the first significant difference between baseball and pesäpallo. 

Batters have to run in a zigzag between the bases. This is how soldiers avoid shots in war movies! The pitcher throws the ball in a simple way, which makes the batting process much easier. So they do not have to possess skills like baseball players. In essence, it’s not a big deal to hit the ball, but the batters have to hit it within the playing field, unlike in baseball. There are home runs in pesäpallo, usually when the ball bounces from the course outside of it. The Finnish most elite pesäpallo championship is the Superpesis, so we are going to give you some betting tips below!

Pesäpallo Betting Guide
Pesäpallo equipment – Image source: Santeri Viinamäki, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pesäpallo betting guide

Even though pesäpallo is a less-known sport, it still offers plenty of betting opportunities. If you know the basics of the game, you can try your hand as a pesäpallo bettor since almost every betting platform offers wagers today. It’s an extremely dynamic and fast-paced game. As we have mentioned before, the rules are different from baseball, so without knowing the rules, there is no sense in betting. Thankfully, the Internet is full of descriptions of the regulations, so you have plenty of opportunities to prepare. Once you have the basics down, wagering will be easy.

There is no specific pesäpallo betting guide or strategy you can apply, but using similar sports betting tips will help a lot. However, the best advice for pesäpallo wagers is that information is worth its weight in gold. Let’s do thorough research on statistics, current news, star athletes, or injuries. Like always, knowledge is power as you can get ahead of the bookies and other bettors the more you know. If you want to bet live on pesäpallo, please note that there are not many matches in a single day, so there will not be a lot of live betting events. However, if there are matches, the pesäpallo betting sites will, of course, offer live betting, but keep in mind that not every betting platform provides live streams. 

As with average pre-match betting, it is best to register on more online sites and watch the odds for current events because the rarer the sport is, the greater the difference in odds between bookmakers. In any case, if you want to watch a live broadcast while betting, most likely, you will have to search for a stream on the Internet. You have a better chance of finding one in Finnish. This is not because pesäpallo is a less popular sport. Live streams are hardly ever offered in general, but check out 22Bet Sportsbook for more information

Pesäpallo Betting Guide
Pesäpallo as its best – Image source: Santeri Viinamäki, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pesäpallo betting markets

Since bookmakers haven’t fully discovered the potential of pesäpallo betting, mainly because just a few people outside of Finland know it, don’t expect to find a lot of betting markets. Though, let’s focus on what you can find! There is no question that the most popular and most common betting market is the final outcome wager. The end of the match is quite exciting since, if there is a draw, they determine the winner after an abbreviation. Once in a while, you can use a handicap wagering option, but this market is rare and requires more extensive knowledge.

Occasionally, you can find some special markets. In this case, bookmakers make it possible to bet on the results of halves, home runs, etc. Of course, there are long-term bets as well. This means that you can guess the winners of the Men and women’s championships long before the event starts. Another helpful tip in our pesäpallo betting guide is to follow the players on social media. You will get inside information from the most reliable source. If a player is in a bad mood, has an injury, is in good shape, etc., may change the way you bet. 

Betting on the sport is not very widespread, except in the Nordic countries, since not many know or wager on pesäpallo. However, there is a group of bettors interested in more special and rarer sports betting. They are part of the reason why you can find live streams online. There are not too many matches to help increase the popularity of pesäpallo. As there are no major international tournaments or events, with only two other Nordic countries playing the sport outside Finland, but not professionally. 

Pesäpallo Betting Guide
Pesäpallo field – Image source: Santeri Viinamäki, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pesäpallo betting guide

If you want to try yourself at this Finnish sport, you should prepare first. At the very least, look at the statistics of the teams, and observe their past results. If you don’t do the research, it will be just gambling. Regardless, we will list some tips for those who want to win pesäpallo bets. Your best chance to win a pesäpallo wager is to look up as much extra information as you can find. Such a small thing as an injury can affect the outcome of a match since the difference between the teams in the Finnish league is minimal. For example, even if a team ranks first place and another is fourth, they can easily switch places.

However, your big chance resides in that fact because, as we have mentioned, pesäpallo is less well-known even to bookmakers. So they determine the odds solely on the rankings and statistics. This way, with some research and attention to the news, you can, without a doubt, get information that allows you to confidently bet on a team that is much less likely to win, according to the bookmaker. Thus, the winning is much better. Check out other pesäpallo betting guides, as well, at online sportsbook sites in Finland!

It is worth looking for live betting options, as you have the advantage of reacting fast and changing your bet if needed. As a result, you can stay in the game with much better chances than if you have placed a bet pre-match. In addition, you can intervene to minimize your potential losses at any time. Try to find tournaments and matches which go back a long way because, in that case, the ranking does not matter. 22Bet Sportsbook can help you with that, so you can benefit from the odds in no time.

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