PFA Young Player of the Year Betting Odds and Predictions

  • Bookies believe that Sterling should receive the award this year
  • Rashford’s developed a lot this season and could challenge the City forward
  • Alexander-Arnold is the underdog here, but he does have a chance if Liverpool wins the league
Raheem Sterling has become a key man for Man City
Raheem Sterling has become a key man for Man City

Bookies expect Raheem Sterling to become the Young Player of the Year in England. However, Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford has improved a lot lately and could challenge him for the honour. There are plenty of great talents to choose from, which makes it hard to place a bet on anyone confidently. We’ve got you covered though: here are the best PFA Young Player of the Year betting odds and our predictions.

The best PFA Young Player of the Year betting odds at Unibet Sportsbook

Raheem Sterling 2/5
Marcus Rashford 11/4
Bernardo Silva 9/1
Declan Rice 14/1
Trent Alexander-Arnold 33/1

The Professional Footballers’ Association in England has been awarding the best youngsters in the country annually since 1974. Any professional player of the first four division has the chance to win it if they’re 23 or younger at the start of the season. However, it’s mostly Premier League players who receive the honour.

The list of previous winners include Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Gareth Bale, Steven Gerrard and Robbie Fowler. Last year, Leroy Sane was voted as the best young player in the country.

Our latest review about Unibet Sportsbook shows that their site’s got an incredible variety of bets available – especially when it comes to football. Therefore, you can obviously find odds for the PFA Young Player of the Year award as well. We’ve checked all of them, done our research, and made up our minds about who to bet on. Here are the best PFA Young Player of the Year betting odds and our predictions.

Sterling is already a key player for Man City

Online sportsbook sites in the UK believe that Raheem Sterling is the favorite to win the PFA Young Player of the Year award. It’s not really a surprise as the England international has been in a magnificent form lately. He’s scored a good amount of 15 goals so far this season, while he has 9 assists as well.

In the previous years, Sterling was a rather inconsistent forward. He managed to score in a couple of games completely out of the blue, then missed all of his chances in the next one. He’s not perfect nowadays either, but his finishing has got a lot better. His movement off the ball also improved a lot under Guardiola, while he still has his incredible pace and work rate. He’s already a key man for Man City, and he could find himself in that role for England as well. If City could eventually win the league, we believe Sterling’s going to receive this award.

Rashford has shown more maturity this season

Unibet Sportsbook believes that Marcus Rashford is the second likely player to win the award this year. The forward had a tough start of his season. He’s only scored 3 goals in the mess under Jose Mourinho throughout the first 17 rounds. He didn’t have chances either, and couldn’t find his place in an already disorganized team. However, since Solskjaer’s arrived, Rashford’s become one of the key players at Manchester United. He’s scored 6 goals in 13 league games.

United fans are hoping that they’ve got a future Ballon d’Or winner in Rashford. The kid has already shown some golden balls when he took that decisive penalty against PSG in the very last minute. What a night for him! It’s clear that Rashy’s got a lot more mature and focused this year. A few more moments like that, and maybe he could make people forget about Sterling’s great performances as well… He’s not the favorite to win the award for a reason, but still has some time to convince us – and the voters.

Alexander-Arnold should get some credit for Liverpool’s great year

As we went through the best PFA Young Player of the Year betting odds to make our predictions, we’ve noticed a real underdog amongst the candidates. Unibet Sportsbook argues that Trent Alexander-Arnold has close to no chance to win this award. We strongly disagree with that. The youngster has played an important role in Liverpool’s nearly perfect season, and we believe he deserves credit for that.

The 20 years old has played in 21 league games for Liverpool so far this season. He’s been reliable, and thanks to his pace and dedication, the Reds only conceded 10 goals with him in the team. Jurgen Klopp’s defence was really sloppy last year, but the youngster has grown into the role. With Van Dijk, Robertson, Gomez and Alisson, Liverpool has a fantastic defensive section. Who knows, if Liverpool could win the title this year, maybe PFA will give Alexander-Arnold the praise he deserves.

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