Speedway of Nations 2019 Betting Preview: Poland Is the Best Choice

  • Bookies are positive about Poland winning the title
  • Speedway of Nations 2019 betting preview favors Russia, after last year’s victory
  • Denmark is unlikely to reach the podium
Speedway Nations 2019

The 2nd edition of the Speedway of Nations will start on the 4th of May in Germany. After two semi-finals, six teams will compete for the title in Russia. Our Speedway of Nations 2019 betting preview is predicting a good final position for Poland.

Speedway’s popularity doesn’t seem to cease, even if the sport is only slowly expanding to new countries. Over the past decades, the second-biggest event after the Grand Prix had three different variations. Since 2018, the Speedway of Nations is in charge of leading such event, bringing the modality of pairs after 16 years of the Speedway World Cup where the riders raced individually. Online sportsbook news in Poland are reporting that Russia is the favorite, as the team was crowned the 2018 Speedway of Nation champion. But some teams are still to be revealed and our betting preview is pointing to a different direction.

Poland looking after their 9th world title of the century

Tomasz Gollob
Tomasz Gollob

As Speedway is one of the most popular sports in the country, Poland has had a very successful run in the history of the motorsport. During the 16 years of the Speedway World Cup, it won 12 medals, 8 of which were the 1st place. These achievements were in part due to the presence of World Champion Tomasz Gollob in the team. But the country has had many successful riders throughout the years.

Last year, the team counted with young stars Maciej Janowski and Patryk Dudek. As Poland hosted the final, they were immediately qualified. The World under-21 champion Maksym Drabik had a surprising performance, being the only reserve to win points. However, they had a bad start on the opening day of the final, finishing 6th. But the young team was able to recover on the second leg and finish in the podium.  

In 2019, Poland’s team might count with star Bartosz Zmarzlik. But no matter happens the nation will certainly do its best to win the title again. Their odds of winning are 3.50 at Bet365 Sportsbook.

Great Britain is ready to be the best after last year’s disappointing loss

Great Britain is a very strong contestant. Last year, they were second and their team, the first to be announced, is one of the strongest. Their captain is 3-time World Champion captain, Tai Woffinden, who might be winning again this year according to our predictions, and who was the top scorer in the nation’s event in 2018, with 38 points.

Tai Woffinden
Tai Woffinden

Great Britain has always been a successful team in speedway competitions. Of course, it is arguable that it benefited from the participation of Australia and New Zealand as part of their team until 1974. Still, their efforts are unquestionable. The team managed to get 17 medals in the World Speedway Pairs Championship throughout the years, along with Denmark.

Even though in the World Cup editions Great Britain didn’t have a successful path, they appeared stronger in the past 2 years of the event. And they were very close to the title in the 2018 Speedway of Nations, being on top of the leaderboard in day one and day two.

The team is only getting stronger, especially with the young rider Robert Lambert who is willing to affirm himself worldwide this year. Great Britain (5.00) might finally be back to the top of the podium.

Sweden wants to recover former glory after a bad start in the Speedway of Nations

The Scandinavians are a three-time winner of the World Cup and hold the record for most medals in the competition (13).

Last year, the experienced duo Fredrik Lindgren and Antonio Lindback led the Swedish team. Despite the country’s unsuccessful participation in the event, finishing 6th overall, the team might be coming back stronger now.

Bookies’ are indicating that Lindgren will be closer to the top this year in the World Championship. And the team might also face some changes, hoping to repeat the historical achievements from the olden days. With this in mind, the country’s odds are 9.00 at Bet365 Sportsbook.

The Kangaroos will prove they still know how to race better than anyone else

Jason Doyle
Jason Doyle

Many consider Australia as the birthplace of Speedway. In this way, it is with no surprise that the Kangaroos are also among the best teams in the world.

Australia was in a disadvantage last year. Former captain Chris Holder was unavailable to attend the Speedway of Nations because of a setback regarding the visa. For this reason, Jason Doyle – a one time World Champion – took over the position. And he led the team well, considering the initial bad luck in Manchester. The country turned things around and it finished in 4th place, just one point behind Poland.

This year, hoping that Holder can return to the team, Australia will be a very strong contestant and will definitely fight for a place in the podium. With the prospect of good fortune showing up this time, Australia’s odds are 10.00.

Speedway of Nations 2019 betting preview discards a Danish comeback to the top

Denmark has been highly successful in the motorsport, breaking many records during the years. They have the most 1st place medals in the World and in the 1980s won a record of 6 world titles in a row.

However, they were 5th last year, just behind Australia. Although both teams finished with 35 points, just one to the podium, Denmark proved that it is far from being the best as before. With the duo Kenneth Bjerre and Michael Jepsen, the nation experienced a good start on the first leg of the final, finishing 3rd. However, it fell short on the second leg.

Despite their lower odds (13.00) at online sportsbook sites in Poland, the Danish will try to reach the top of a world competition again.

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