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play German lottery online

Are you a lottery fan who is looking for frequent and profitable lotto draws? If yes, you should stop here and learn how to play German lottery online. There are many draws scheduled for 2020, so don’t miss the chance to hit the jackpot regardless of your nationality and location.

Playing lottery at online gambling sites in Germany is one of the best opportunities to win easy money. As one of the most popular games of luck in the world, the lottery has many fans both in Europe and in the world for a number of reasons: it is easy to play, follow and learn the rules. However, if your success in lotto games is quite modest, try playing the German lottery.

Top-3 reasons to play German lottery online

Why should you play the German lottery? Like most games of its kind, the German lottery seems the same at the first glance: you have to pick winning numbers and wait for the draw to learn whether you win or not. However, the German lotto has three undeniable advantages that make it worth trying. Here are they:

  • German lottery is easy to play. Unlike other popular games, this lottery gives you more chances to win than ever. For example, one of the biggest lotteries in Europe – Euro Millions – reduces your winning chances by offering you to guess five numbers out of 52 and one lucky star out of 12. On the other hand, guessing five numbers out of 49 plus one extra out of 10 in the German lottery improves your odds. By the way, to learn about payouts given for each correct number, visit Bet365 Sportsbook.
  • Its draws take place frequently. One of the reasons to play German lottery online is having not one but two chances of winning per week. Unlike most lotteries, draws are scheduled Thursdays and Saturdays here. This is much better than waiting for EuroMillion super draws taking place three times a year, isn’t it?
  • German lotto offers big jackpots. You may say that waiting for rare draws makes sense due to bigger money, but German lottery has one too. Every Thursday and Saturday, players have a chance to win dozens of millions of euros. Once, a guy won €84.8 million! It may not be as big money as international super draws offer, but don’t forget about the possibility of hitting two jackpots weekly!

If all this sounds good, let’s check where you can play the German lotto for real money.

play German lottery online
What’s your lucky number?

Where to play German lottery online?

One of the best things concerning the lottery is that you can play it at online sportsbooks in Germany. If you have an account at, let’s say, Bet365 Sportsbook, but want to play lotto, all doors are open. The sportsbook offers plenty of lotto games to fit everyone’s taste – including the German one.

Playing German lotto at Bet365 is easy. All you have to do is to sign up or log in for the site, find lotto games, and pick the one you like. Although you may be confused by its name, the German Lotto is available to play for everyone regardless of his location and nationality. It might be a problem at the official GL site, but Bet365 erases all limits and makes the lottery available for every player. Another option is to play the German lottery at sites like theLotter or EuroLotto.

If you want to win more, learn how to play the Spanish lottery at Bet365 Sportsbook.

You can discover more about Bet365 Sportsbook here.

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