5 On-Screen Gamblers Who Were Playing Roulette in Films

  • We all know film about casinos, but which ones focus on roulettes?
  • Here are 5 movies featuring roulette that are worth your attention
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playing roulette in films

One can easily name several on-screen poker players, but who were the most famous gamblers playing roulette in films? If you struggle with naming at least one, here are 5 best movies featuring this popular casino game.

If you watch gambling films regularly, you should notice that most filmmakers focus on card games. Poker, baccarat, blackjack are frequent guests on big and small screens, but what about other casino games? Are there films featuring roulettes or everyone in Hollywood plays only cards? We have collected five pictures about gamblers playing roulette in films. Pick your favorite one and enjoy it whilst at home.

Some popular films featuring roulette won’t be mentioned in our top-5 as they focus also on the other casino games. Thus, a classic gambling film California Split or another part of the 007 franchise Diamonds Are Forever have memorable roulette scenes. However, we already included them in the list of the best poker films as it occupies a place in the sun.

Watch Casablanca featuring roulettes

Casablanca is a classic Hollywood film released in 1942. This romantic drama by Michael Curtiz is one of the greatest films in movie history according to various surveys. Following the plot about an American expatriate Rick and his dilemma about love and duty, Casablanca exceeded all expectations after its premiere. The film won 3 Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Screenplay. There are many reasons to watch this picture besides the gambling scenes. Great actors, the atmosphere of old Hollywood, and good music won’t leave you indifferent.

playing roulette in films
Roulette has a history in films.

If you came for playing roulette in films only, Casablanca is not about to disappoint too. The memorable scene in Rick’s casino and magical winning on the number 22 is among the most iconic in Hollywood. Try to bet on the same number at Bet365 casino and probably you will win money as the couple did in their hardest time.

Indecent Proposal is a classic film about gambling

A 1993 movie by Adrian Lyne is another iconic movie about gambling & playing roulette in particular. Starring Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore, Indecent Proposal tells a dark side of the gambling world. If you are not careful, you will get into trouble – that is the biggest message of the movie. It follows the plot about a couple, David and Diana, who lost all their money while playing roulette in Vegas. They meet a millionaire, who agrees to pay their debts if Diana spends a night with him. This proposal starts a long web of problems that can ruin the couple’s entire life.

Although the film faced problems with negative critical reviews, the audience loved it. Indecent Proposal grossed almost $300 million with a budget of $38 million. This drama is something more than another film about gambling. It also raises issues about self-control, consequences of a wrong decision, trust and marriage problems. Definitely worth seeing.

Playing roulette in films: Croupier

Croupier is another movie from the 1990s that became popular in gambling circles. This British neo-noir picture by Mike Hodges made Clive Owen world-famous and caused one of the biggest Oscar controversies. The film was considered as one of the favorites at the Academy Awards in 2000, but was disqualified for breaking broadcast rules. If the Academy didn’t do so, Croupier might have won awards for Best Screenplay, Actor or Film.

The film plot follows Jack’s (Owen) story about working in a casino. Jack is a promising writer, who makes ends meet by taking a croupier job. His new job leads to a row of incidents affecting his work, private life, and brush with the law. Playing roulette in films like Croupier is a background, however, you can find many memorable casino scenes here. If they aspire you to try gambling, online casinos in the UK are here to help.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels are on the list too

A 1988 American film Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is no less than a hilarious comedy about gambling. The Frank Oz movie cast Michael Cane and Steve Martin for roles of two cheats aiming to prove their leadership in con tricks. Freddy (Martin) is an inexperienced con man, who forces Lawrence (Cane) to cooperate with him. During the whole film, these two compete with each other in stealing money from wealthy women. One of the scenes takes place in a casino, where rivals play roulette against each other and other visitors.

playing roulette in films
It appears in quite some pictures.

The film got a positive appraisal from critics and viewers. Both rated Dirty Rotten Scoundrels high enough as for a comedy. Michael Cane received a Golden Globe nomination for his role of Lawrence but lost the award to Tom Hanks. Some people even called this remake of a 1964 film Bedtime Story better than the original.

Women playing roulette in Run Lola Run

Females also gamble and often do it better than their male counterparts. The brightest example of women playing roulette in films is Lola from a German movie Run Lola Run. A Tom Tykwer film follows the title character, who plays roulette to save her kidnapped boyfriend and buy him out. However, the story is not based on the casino game only. It’s a complex film that will leave you impressed by its plot twists.

The movie received lots of accolades and nominations for various awards, including the Venice Film Festival. Run Lola Run was a breakthrough for director Tom Tykwer, though it wasn’t his first picture. Lola’s fortune in playing roulette at bet365 casino is evidence of making money when you need it.

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