Poker Princess Dodges Prison, Book to be Published in a Month

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A woman who used to host card games for rich people and celebrities found out that she won’t be going to prison.

Also known as the “poker princess”, 36-year-old Molly Bloom broke American gambling laws by hosting games without a license, but a Manhattan federal judge decided sending her to prison would be too harsh. It is said that she was part of an illegal Russian-American betting operation.

US District Judge Jesse M. Furman fined her $1,000 and ordered her to perform 20 hours of community service. She is also on probation for one year.

The poker princess is somewhat of a local celebrity and she’s about to get more famous, as her book “Molly’s Game” should be published next month. According to a promotion in local gambling news, the book will reveal the story of a “petite brunette from Loveland, Colorado”, who “ran the highest stakes, most exclusive poker game Hollywood had ever seen.”

Poker operation served as “opportunity for growth”

American press reports claim actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck will be mentioned in the new book, but the celebrities declined to comment.

When appearing in front of the judge, Bloom admitted she had “made mistakes”, but added that the entire experience has served as “a great opportunity for growth.”

Bloom’s lawyer argued her business started out as a legal operation, because she was only accepting tips. It wasn’t until later that a co-host insisted on taking a cut of the pot or a fee. She allegedly lost the $1 million she made with her poker business and now she’s making $19 per hour, working for a friend.

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