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poker success stories can be real

In the past, poker didn’t have a good reputation. The majority of people associated it with gambling and illegal criminal activity. However, today poker is one of the main media events. Moreover, some poker players are as famous as Hollywood actors or the Olympic champions. Thus, we decided to share with you several poker success stories about people who chose this card game as their career. 

Nowadays, “poker player” is a real profession. Also, mastering your skills in one of the online gambling sites in the US, you can earn much more money than sitting in the office. You just need your computer, comfortable chair, and an agile mind. Don’t believe us? Just finish reading this article, and get ready to change your life as these guys did. 

Chris “moorman1” Moorman – the richest online poker player in the world 

The English professional from Brighton, Chris Moorman, is a true legend of the online poker world. He has been a prize-winner almost 11 thousand times. And the total amount of money he won while playing is around $15 million. Moreover, Chris was the first online poker player to break the mark of $10 million in prize money. He is also the author of two incredibly popular books that reveal his secrets and strategies in gambling.

Moorman has one of the most interesting poker success stories
Moorman in 2017 – Image source: Flickr

Moorman can tell a lot of interesting things about his career. For example, once he had only $25 left online. So Chis spent that money on one of the tournaments and, of course, won it. Moorman’s life is the best example of one of the poker success stories. If you want to follow his steps, just visit the Intertops Poker. There you can start your professional poker career and become the next Chris Moorman. 

The poker success story of Niklas “lena900” Astedt

Niklas “Lena900” Astedt is a famous online poker player from Sweden. The average size of the prize he gets is even higher than that of Moorman. But, unlike Chris, Niklas does not often take first place in tournaments. Anyway, the poker player from Gothenburg can boast with a huge one-time win of $430,000 at the 2019 POWERFEST Super High Roller.

It is only a question of time whether Astedt will be able to overtake Moorman to get to the number one position among all online poker players. With his real talent, Niklas can become the richest online poker player in the world very soon. However, if you visit one of the online poker sites in the US today, you may get a chance to outrun Astedt. Don’t miss this opportunity! 

Sebastian “p0cket00” Sikorski and his impressive results in the professional poker

To continue our list of poker success stories we would like you to meet the Canadian player Sebastian “p0cket00” Sikorski. He has owned the PocketFives Triple Crown multiple times. Besides, Sebastian plays on the best poker sites in the UK and abroad. And his results as a professional poker player are impressive: 278 victories, 282 second places and 238 third places on his account. Only one more successful year will allow him to overtake Astedt. However, Moorman is still far away. And if you are looking for a platform to start your professional career in poker, it’s time to visit the Intertops Poker. Make the first step towards your wealthy future. 

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