Porsche 911 Bet Cup: A Gambling Promotion That Lasts for 10 Years

Did you miss the chance to join the Porsche 911 Bet Cup in 2008? There’s no need to regret it! Everyone can still become involved this online gambling promotion by wagering on the winner’s nationality and gender.

Porsche 911 Bet Cup
Porsche 911 Bet Cup

It all begins on the 1st of March 2008 when Bet-at-home Sportsbook launched the Porsche 911 Bet Cup. All punters who made bets on that day were entered into the competition to win Porsche 911. The catch is they have to place a bet every single day until one person is left standing. This makes the Bet Cup more unique than any other online gambling promotions. It’s almost like an indefinite competition.

10 years ago, more than 20,000 bettors were competing to win the luxury sports car. Porsche 911 is valued at around €100,000. May the most persistent player win the ultimate prize!

Remaining Nations in Porsche 911 Bet Cup

A decade later, 99% of the punters gave up. Two players quit the Porsche 911 Bet Cup in the first half of 2018. With only 36 players left, it’s prime time to bet on the winner’s nationality. They are from five different countries.

According to internet gambling sites in Poland, German (3.25) punters are less likely to win than the Poles (2.20). Polish participants make up more than one third of the persistent fighters, a total of 13 people. We have no high hopes for Germany because the most recent quitter happens to be a German man.

On the other hand, a lone Serbian (40.00) or the two Slovaks (15.00) could also win the Porsche 911 Bet Cup. After all, they should have greater motivation. One Porsche 911 would be worth so much more in their countries compared to German or Austrian (4.50) bettors.

Is a Man or a Woman More Stubborn?

We can also gamble on the winner’s gender in the Porsche 911 Bet Cup. Online sportsbooks in Poland estimate better odds for male (1.05) punters to win than female (12.00) punters, simply because there are only 3 women left in the competition. However, do you think that gender can tell personality traits?

We cannot say for sure that a man is more stubborn than woman, or vice versa. One thing is certain: the winner has to have stamina, endurance, persistence and determination. Don’t forget to bet on this special online gambling promotion before January 1, 2019!

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