Premier League Relegation Odds Are Out and Norwich City is at the Top

  • The competition to survive in the Premier League is more intense than ever
  • Aston Villa is struggling to stay out of the relegation zone
  • Bet365 chooses Norwich City as most likely to get relegated
premier league relegation odds
LCFC lift the Premier League Trophy / Image source: Peter Woodentop / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

With the Premier League 2020 season nearing the end, the Premier League relegation odds are already out. The online sportsbooks in the UK have been following every game and drawing out the relegation odds. As you might probably know, three teams in the bottom of the 20 teams are relegated to the English Football League championship. 

The 28th season of the Premier League is going to end on the 17th of May this year. Manchester City is defending championship this year and is likely to play against Liverpool in the finals. As of this week’s games, West Ham United, Watford and Norwich City are in the bottom three.

How does the relegation process go?

During the season, the 20 clubs of the Premier League play 38 games in total. Based on the points, goal difference and number of scored goals, FA relegates to the EFL championship. Now that we’re more than halfway into the season, the Premier League relegation odds are pretty much set. It’s safe to say that Liverpool, Leicester, and Manchester City have secured their places at the top, it’s only a matter of the order of the placing now.

With the new rules and changes in the league, teams have been struggling to keep up. There are only seven points of difference between the teams placed at the 10th and 18th.  The competition to survive in the Premier League is much more intense now that they have only a few more games.

Norwich City is likely to enter the EFL Championship according to the Premier League relegation odds

premier league relegation odds
Birstol City vs. Nordwich City – Image via Flickr

With 13 losses during the season, Norwich City is on top of the list of the teams that are likely to be relegated. Norwich City has a reputation of being a yo-yo team and has been proving that the nickname was accurate. In the last ten years, they have been in and out of the Premier League several times. After their last relegation to the Championships in 2016, the new coach Daniel Farke took over the team. He has managed to promote the team into EPL in 2018.

However, with a mere 18 points by now, the franchise is 7 points short of the safe zone. In order to get out of this elimination zone, the Canaries have to win against Southampton, Everton, Brighton, West Ham and Burnley which just seems unrealistic by now. They’re standing at the top of the list of Premier League relegation odds at 2/25 according to bet365. Let’s just hope that they can stick to their history and bounce back to the EPL next season.

 Aston Villa faces the danger of getting double-relegated

Aston Villa has had a similar history with Norwich City. In 2015, Remi Garde agreed to take the management of the team for 3.5 years only to leave in 2016. The team was at the bottom of the EPL by then and got relegated that season. They have managed to get back to the EPL in the 2018/19 season by winning the Derby County in the play-off finals.

Thanks to the team manager Dean Smith’s plan to stop Aston Villa’s tendency to “catastrophize” every game, the team has managed to get out of the relegation zone. However, after their game with  Bournemouth, they are on the verge of going back. As of now, they have 24 points which are only one point higher than the fellow struggler West Ham.

Even if they’re out of the zone by now, the Premier League relegation odds are suggesting that they would play in the EFL Championship next season. According to bet365, they have betting odds at 9/10. The FA has even announced that they would double relegate the team if they finish at the bottom three this season.  This would mean that they would go straight to the 1st division past the Championship league.

The club owner Randy Lerner is apparently furious with the decision and said that “I watch us play and my throat fills with vomit. But you can’t have a made-up rule for one team just because they’re bombing around the pitch like a bunch of ostriches on LSD.” It’s true that they don’t have such a rule, but anyways the team has to pull every last of their strength in their next match.

Premier League relegation odds suggest that Watford has a chance to stay in EPL

Online gambling sites in the UK are hopeful that Watford can get out of the elimination zone. After a game with Brighton, Watford is in the bottom three with 24 points. They’re only two points away from the safety zone, which they can earn in only one game. However, they have thrown their chance to get out of the relegation zone. In the game with Brighton, the experienced player Mariappa has sent an own goal to their net. When he got the pass, he wrongly thought that the Brighton player is close to him and panicked.

It’s understandable that the pressure was dragging the players back. When the competition to survive in the EPL is so intense that there are mere one or two points between the teams, it’s obvious that the players would get desperate. However, if they have not scored their own goal, they would’ve won with the Mooy’s goal. The win was worth two points, which was enough to get them out of the relegation zone. Now they are standing at the 19th place with 137/100 odds according to bet365. 

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