Press Shows Swedish Striker Says Silly Stuff And I Bet He Doesn’t Care

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

It would appear it’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s turn to be fodder for the carcass cleaning machine that is the press, with a new list of his silliest statements hitting the internet

The press, a group of people who pompously claim to be responsible only to the truth, and then regularly publish a complete pack of lies, who all too often set themselves up as the moral guardians of the nation, and then behave without scruples, principles or any human feeling whatsoever in their pursuit of profits. A free press is a cornerstone of a free society, but they’ve used that as an excuse to run rampant, their excesses now a matter of criminal investigation.

Gambling news of their wrong doings will be neatly forgotten as they reveal yet another round of celebrity tit pics, or stoke outrage at whomever is to be demonized this week, the press continue to feed on society in a manner that makes Vladimir Putin look positively genuine and would cause a leech to blush in embarrassment. The profit motive has driven them from bastions of journalism to salacious sensational smut sheets that inform you only as to their opinions.

Press Pick On PSG Player
• Zlatan Ibrahimovic says silly stuff
• Media make this news
• PSG to take on Bordeaux

Sometimes they make it obvious enough, an editorial will rant on, or a front page leader will give the official view from the editor’s office, but most of the time the press feed their readers and viewers not news but olds. They tell people what people want to hear, rather than what they should be told, the independence of the press these days meaning independent of any reasonable fulcrum of logic or reality, instead tilted one way or the other based on political bias or the owner’s mindset.

By far the worst offender in this vein is a disgustingly small-minded rag in the UK called the Daily Mail. Read the Daily Mail regularly (and I implore you not to) and after a few weeks you’ll be convinced that illegal immigrants with dark skin hues have been secretly invading the Britain for years and are responsible for every ill ailing the nation from terrorism to unemployment, a view so manifestly at divergence from reality that even people on LSD have a firmer grip on what’s real or not.

Press Prey On People In The Public Eye

Sadly even the more sensible intellectual press has succumbed to the dumbing down of news, and whilst the BBC continues to be an oasis of sanity, the rest of the broadcast media has vanished into a land of make-believe and political bias to such an extent they won’t even agree on the facts of a situation, some, like Fox News in the US, simply eschew the whole notion of “Fact” from the outset preferring instead alarmist exaggeration, misrepresentation and, indeed, wholesale fiction.

Whilst the facts might be in dispute between the competing TV news shows and newspapers, there’s one thing they can all agree on; Celebrities. Oh gosh how they LOVE celebrities. The reason for this adoration is that a) Celebrities are popular attracting readers, viewers and listeners, and b) Celebrities need press coverage to remain celebrities and can therefore be treated abominably, the press behaving like an abusive spouse who knows their victim has nowhere else to go.


Given no one of us is a saint, this basically means anyone in the public eye is apt to become target for a press persecution parade whenever the editors decide that they’ve air or pages that need filling. Oh certainly sometimes it’s in the public interest, perhaps when politicians corruptly take cash or whatever, but when it’s stories about who’s bonking who behind whomever’s back, no public good is being served at all, indeed quite the reverse.

Now some nations are worse than others in this regard, typically the ones that can actually boast a modicum of press independence sadly enough, however it doesn’t really matter which nation you’re from in this globalized internet-driven world of ours. For example if you happen to be Swedish gambling laws of press intrusion and hysteria only apply to members of Abba, then think again, and, perhaps, just perhaps, think before you speak.

Swedish Striker’s Statements Stupid

One Swede who has never really managed this basic feat of self-editing is PSG striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic and this week some of the bland corners of the sporting press have decided to list ten silly things he’s said, attempting to highlight him as having a large ego. This is a regular press game, build someone up, then punch them for being too full of themselves, oh and mention how much trouble they’re having selling their house too because the public have a right to know.

Admittedly some of the things he says really are quite ridiculous, but then he’s paid to kick a ball about, not debate Hegelian philosophy, and as for being overly confident, well again, he’s getting paid a lot of money to kick a ball around, that gives him a right to be a little smug, doesn’t it? When asked what he’d be getting his wife for her birthday his reply was a simple, “Nothing. She already has Zlatan.” Which is pretty egotistical, unless of course it was an joke based on absurdism and a refusal to answer a personal question. Lets all guess shall we…….

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

When asked who he thought might win a tournament from which his national side had just been eliminated he replied to the reporter “I don’t give a **** who wins, I’m going on holiday.” Which you might think fair enough really, but that’s not how the press see it. Of course the most salient example of his ego was his refusal to do a trial at Arsenal saying “Zlatan doesn’t do auditions” a statement the press made much meat of, but then given his talents, he didn’t really need to, did he?

When he did finally move to Ajax for around $9 million he was asked how he’d introduce himself to his new teammates to which he replied, “I’m Zlatan, who the hell are you?” which aged 20 was certainly putting it all out there, but sadly for the press perhaps his feet have always been able to cash the cheques his mouth has written, and those of you who like to bet on sport in Sweden can back your countryman at ComeOn! Sportsbook where PSG have 1.90 odds to stuff Bordeaux, who only get 4.10, on the 15th.

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