How To Race Monster Trucks For Fame And Fortune

It’s big, brash and bonkers, but if you want to know how to race monster trucks we have seven tips for you.

How To Race Monster Trucks

Born in the 1970s these mammoth machines are a firm fan favorite alongside Motocross, Tractor Pulling and Mud Bogging, but if you want to learn how to race monster trucks there’s a lot more to it than just sticking massive tires on an old SUV, and with all that horsepower under your foot there’s plenty of room for disaster, so for those of you not content to bet on monster trucks at Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the US these days, here’s seven useful tips.

  1. Monster Designs

When they first appeared as competitive “biggest truck” entrants their design was one of simple modification but these days if you want to know how to race monster trucks you’re quickly going to discover you’ll need to think in far more complex terms. Central driving position, customized transmission and 66in tires along with heavy duty (often military spec) axles and methanol alcohol engines will all need to be at least considered if you want to race monster trucks and win.

  1. Truck Construction

Where once those learning how to race monster trucks would be merrily encouraged to modify an existing vehicle of the pick-up or SUV variety, these days the vehicles are purpose made from tubular metal construction and a fiberglass panel body. Remember whilst power and speed will be important, great stock is set by how a machine looks, and those in the US gambling laws of good taste are always upheld at these events has not seen some of the current crop of vehicles.

  1. Vehicle Storage 

How To Race Monster Trucks
Finding a parking lot for your monster truck might cause some serious issues (Image source: Thomas Bresson [CC BY 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons)
One of the things often overlooked by those learning how to race monster trucks is storage of the vehicle between events. At twelve feet tall the average parking garage is not going to be adequate and whilst one can keep it al fresco under a tarp it is ultimately preferable to have an interior space of the right dimensions to store it. It will be particularly important to have a location with adequate fire suppression facilities since engine tests can result in inflammatory situations.

  1. Racing Indoors & Out

Races take place over courses of various lengths typically littered with obstacles to be avoided or, frequently, jumped. Those happy to bet on sports in the US will already spot the inherent excitement of seeing such large, powerful vehicles, attempting to out accelerate each other side by side, and whilst outside there’s plenty of room to recover from an error, at indoor events you’ll have to learn how to race monster trucks without eating a face full of barrier at the course’s end.

  1. Freestyle Fun

Where racing involves speed, freestyle is far more about power with a team of judges scoring tricks and stunts performed by each vehicle. Born out of the desire for owners to show off, and add some organized destruction to events, you’ll need to both learn how race monster trucks and perform a series of tricks between crushing cars which is one of the great set pieces of the sport and will require very precise application of power or you’ll roll over faster than a beaten dog.


The Monster Truck Racing Association of owners is part of the United States Hod Rod Association (formerly Truck-A-Rama) and the bodies have done much to keep the sport safe whilst retaining the drama and excitement. The deals struck with television companies and sports events promoters have allowed the sport to evolve over the decades and spread out beyond the US so even EU citizens can now learn how to race monster trucks in their own native countries.

  1. Safety Circumstances

How To Race Monster Trucks
Safety is always first even if you are on a monster truck

With each vehicle a ridiculously overpowered, high-geared, methanol bomb on wheels, you’d think death awaited around every corner, however you’re far more likely to suffer whiplash or a broken ankle than fiery demise. With three cut off switches, fire suppression systems and roll cages those learning how to race monster trucks will find them safe enough, although possibly not as safe as betting on them at Bovada, one of the best online sportsbook sites in the US.

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