Racist Abuse Directed At Imran Tahir In South Africa

Racist Abuse Directed At Imran Tahir In South Africa

Recently the chat in many a poker room in India has turned to the ongoing ODI series between their tourist side and South African hosts which has, by and large, gone all their way. However the series has seen an alarming incident of racism that has left a bad taste in the mouth of Imran Tahir the Pakistani born Cricketer who now plays for South Africa and the local authorities with work to do, although looking for a racist in South Africa could be like looking for a poker chip in a casino in India.

Imran Tahir

  • Born – Pakistan
  • Plays – South Africa
  • Played – 6 English counties
  • Test Record – 5/32
  • ODI Record – 5/45
  • T20 Record – 5/24

Naturally the CSA, Cricket South Africa (the governing cricket body in the country) are investigating the incident at the New Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg where Imran Tahir was, in their words, “Verbally and racially abused by an unknown man” after which he reported the incident and then waded into the crowd with stadium security to confront the man involved. The footage of what follows has raised numerous smiles among those doing a little online gambling in India, Imran is clearly not a happy camper.

Did Imran Tahir Make A Fool Of Himself On Tour?

Social media instantly polarized the issue with many believing Imran Tahir entirely right to stand up to the racist who’d abused him the whole match and just as many believing it disgraceful behavior from an international cricketer who’d lost his cool. Of course any Pakistani or Indian gambling laws against such behavior will be sternly applied might be disappointed, the incident was brought to a close when security removed Imran Tahir rather than the racist, but hey, the racist had his kids with him, so that’s okay….er…..right? To decide for yourself you can watch the footage below.

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