Rashid Khan Ignores Cricket World Cup Odds On Afghanistan

  • Rashid Khan And 2019 CWC Underdogs Head To The UK
  • Cricket World Cup Odds On Afghanistan 100/1 At Bet365
  • Their Second Appearance May Produce An Upset Or Two
Rashid Khan argues they do have a chance

You might not instantly think Cricket when someone mentions Afghanistan but having fought their way through the tough qualification that saw Zimbabwe fall by the way side the side has improved since their debut four years ago. The Cricket World Cup odds on Afghanistan at sites like Bet365, one of the best online sportsbook sites in the UK at the moment, might not give them a hope of winning, but that doesn’t mean they and Rashid Khan won’t surprise some sides.

We need to perform well in the World Cup this year.” Rashid Khan, spin bowling genius, agrees. “We don’t want to just participate and come back. We will go with a plan and as one unit.” Which is as it should be, although their plan probably doesn’t include actually winning any more than one or two matches in the competition. There’s a reason those Cricket World Cup odds are as long as they are, but then the odds favored Zimbabwe who are noticeably absent this time.

There are few teams than four years ago, down to ten from fourteen, and the Afghans qualifying at all looked a long shot as both Zimbabwe and the West Indies featured in the qualification play offs for those last two precious slots. As anyone who regularly bets on sports in the UK will tell you those Cricket World Cup odds on Afghanistan represent the fact they’re present only by the skin of their teeth, and 100/1 at Bet365 might even be a little generous, but they are there to play.

 Find Odds On Rashid Khan At Bet365

 I am only concerned about my own bowling and my performance, how well I can do for my side.” Said Khan, quickly skirting over the fact that he’s ranked the 3rd best T20 bowler in the world and that if the Cricket World Cup odds on Afghanistan aren’t ten times as long that is mostly thanks to his dangerous spin that can catch out the unwary at the crease. “I have played enough games to gain the experience of the pitches, I know what is the right ball to bowl.

 Cricket World Cup Odds On Afghanistan
Afghanistan’s national cricket team back in 2010

Cricket World Cup 2019

  • Date – May 30th Until July 14th
  • Location – England & Wales, UK
  • Type – One Day International Cricket
  • Format – Round Robin & Knockout
  • Participants – 10
  • Matches – 48

I never introduce all my deliveries in one match.” Rashid smiles, “I have been always working on different sorts of variations which is helping me.” And that’s all the warning batsmen should need, and whilst you probably shouldn’t rush off to Bet365 and take advantage of UK gambling laws to snap up those long Cricket World Cup odds on Afghanistan winning, when it comes to individual matches, particularly against Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, they may well just prevail.

Cricket World Cup Odds On Afghanistan 100/1 At Bet365

 The most important thing is the belief.” Khan continues, “If you believe in yourself, and you are positive, you will definitely perform.” And with the Cricket World Cup odds on Afghanistan so long a positive performance will be a matter of perspective. A top eight finish would be a massive step forward for this side, and Rashid knows it. “Being a spinner I just need to ensure that every delivery is a good one, that’s the only plan you can have.”And it’s a very good plan.

2019 CWC Odds

  • Afghanistan – 100/1
  • Bangladesh – 80/1
  • Sri Lanka – 40/1
  • West Indies – 14/1
  • Pakistan – 14/1
  • New Zealand – 10/1
  • South Africa – 10/1
  • Australia – 4/1
  • India – 11/4
  • England – 9/4

The Cricket World Cup odds on Afghanistan at Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK, may well be so distant from the 9/4 on England or the 11/4 on India that they’d need binoculars to see that far. However, Bangladesh get 80/1 and Sri Lanka only 40/1. Both of them should worry that they’ll be victims of the Afghani giant slayers at the CWC and even the West Indies should worry, and that speaks volumes about how far Afghanistan has come in Cricket.


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