Razzies 2021 Worst Actor Odds and Predictions

  • The Razzies show who showed the worst performances in the previous year
  • Here are the nominees
  • Razzies 2021 Worst Actor odds and predictions for your bets
Razzies 2021 Worst Actor Odds

We hope you have not forgotten it: there is still a gala event to come before the Academy Awards 2021. The Golden Raspberry Awards to honor the worst cinematic performances of last year. The Razzies will award the worst actor of the year, and we serve you the odds for that!

Everybody is always so excited about the Oscars – of course since that is the most honorable award for anyone in the show business. But the Golden Raspberry Awards can also be almost that exciting! Especially if you place some money on the worst actor of 2021 with the help of some odds. Bookmakers are already offering some predictions on online sportsbook sites in the US, such as Bovada. Keep on reading to find out more about the Razzies and the biggest odds in the game today!

The Golden Raspberry Awards

Razzies 2021 Worst Actor Odds
John Wilson at 29th Razzie Awards – Par Lance, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Gala also known as Razzies or Razzie Awards is a parody award show. Its name even comes from the term blowing raspberries. It has one goal: to honor the cinematic under-achievements of the previous year. It was co-founded by UCLA film graduates, John J. B. Wilson and Mo Murphy – film industry veterans. The first ceremony was held in 1981 – at that time in Wilson’s living room. It is still on ever since, but it is a much bigger event now. It is kind of a polar opposite to the Academy Awards, probably this is why they are so close to each other concerning their dates. (Just to compare: the Oscars is on the 26th, while the Razzies is on the 24thof April this year.)

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So far, it is Sylvester Stallone who has the most Razzie Awards: 10, altogether. But who will have one more after this year’s Gala? The Razzies 2021 Worst Actor odds on Bovada give you some hints!

The nominees for worst actor

Right now, there are 10 categories at the Golden Raspberry Awards. The nominees were announced on March 14th. Ever since then online sportsbooks in the US are predicting the odds for the contestants in each category. Probably the most exciting category is that of the worst actors. See, who is nominated to be the worst actor at the Razzies 2021. Mike Lindell is one of them for his play in Absolute Proof. Another one is the beloved Robert Downey Jr. for his game in Dolitte. Michele Morrone also made the cut with the movie 365 Days. The big side-splitter, Adam Sandler is also in for Hubie Halloween. The performance of David Spande in the movie The Wrong Missy bought him a nomination too. What do you think, who has the most odds to win Worst Actor at Razzies 2021? Keep on reading to find out!

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Razzies 2021 Worst Actor Odds

We know, it is so hard to decide who to place your money on, when it comes to events in showbiz. We have seen so many surprises during the years! Because of that, checking out online gambling sites in the US, reading tabloids or even professional magazines seems like a waste of time. But bookmakers at Bovada are giving the best shots you can get! That means, if you feel lost in the Razzies-maze, you should check these out to get some hints:

Mike Lindell (Absolute Proof)-220

Robert Downey Jr. (Dolitte)+250

Michele Morrone (365 Days)+1200

Adam Sandler (Hubie Halloween)+1600

David Spade (The Wrong Missy)+2000

Of course, as always, you can go with your gut feeling – and place money according to your intuition. You can also check out all the movies and decide who really deserves the Razzie Award. You can even compare the predictions to the Oscars. But at the end of the day, one thing counts the thrill of waiting for the winners to be announced!

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