Real Gaming Joint Venture Enters the US Intrastate Online Poker Market

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Real Gaming, Nevada online poker joint venture between Michael Gaughan, owner of South Point Casino and the entrepreneur Lawrence Vaughan, joined cautiously the US intrastate online poker market.

Last week Vaughan made it into the gambling news with his interview for the Las Vegas Review Journal, providing more information about the soft launch process and the venture’s future endeavors.

The company’s website first acquired the necessary Nevada license according to the US gambling laws and then entered the soft launch stage via Vaughan’s software.

He explained that they chose to remain quiet and do more serious advertising after they establish good name for themselves and focus on the land-based South Point Casino’s regular players.

Future plans

Furthermore he clarified that the venture decided to use browser-based technology, so that players can access the games from a wider type of devices. Therefore more time was needed for the implementation process and that was the reason for the launch delay.

Additionally, Lawrence said that Nevada is the initial state where the company tries out the market and it will be used as a starting point for further growth.

Moreover, a potential player-sharing possibility with Delaware, as well other states, was mentioned by Vaughan as an illustration of the huge potential of online poker in the US.

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