Record Breaker Ronaldo Owns Champions League Again

Record breaker Ronaldo

I know it sounds impossible, but there are still new things that record breaker Ronaldo can achieve in football.

Record breaker Ronaldo has done the impossible nonce again in the world of football. He broke another one of the toughest Champions League records on Tuesday night, when the Royal Club trashed Malmo FF. The Swedish side were huge underdogs for the clash, but not even the most radical online sportsbooks would have predicted a result like this: Real Madrid won by 8-0.

It was the very first game ever since the Champion League has been introduced that two players from the same team on the same game have scored a hat-trick each – Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo did that now. But that’s not Cristiano Ronaldo’s greatest success from that game.

Record breaker Ronaldo arrived in Malmo with 7 goals in 5 matches

Ronaldo goals

The Portuguese footballer is breaking records left and right (Photo: ESPN)

Yes, that’s right. The Portuguese crack have scored 7 goals in 5 matches before the Malmo game, which means he had a goal/match ratio of 1.4. The most goals that a player could ever score in the 6 games of the Champions League was 9. You can guess who held that record. Yes, it is Cristiano Ronaldo who broke it in 2013, however, Shakhtar Doneck’s Luiz Adriano equalized it one year later. It was seemingly impossible to break the record again. Let me rephrase this one: it was seemingly impossible to break this record for a simple human beings or even online sportsbooks in the EU, but not for record breaker Ronaldo.

After his first 2 goals, Real Madrid fans were hoping he might score another one to break his own record, however, his third goal was followed by the fourth one, setting up an even stronger record. Nobody ever managed to score even 10 goals in the 6 matches of the group stages of the Champions League. He has 11.

Record breaker Ronaldo earned his nickname

Ronaldo nickname

He didn’t get his moniker for nothing (Photo: The Independent)

Record breaker Ronaldo has been given this nickname for a reason. He has broken many incredible records, which years ago were seemingly impossible to even get close to it, not to mention taking over. After a little bit of research, we can find tons of EU gambling news writing about his record in European football.

For example, he scored the most goals in the history of the tournament, however the Messi and Ronaldo rivalry can also be found in this sense. The Argentinian striker is really close to Cristiano Ronaldo regarding Champions League goals, so the Portuguese cannot stop scoring goals in the most prestigious club tournament.

Ronaldo is also the player who have scored the most goals in one single season in the Champions League. He achieved that in the season of 2013/2014, when his streak of great performances won the Décima for Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo noted 17 goals in that season. In addition to this all, record breaker Ronaldo is also officially the best scorer in the history of Real Madrid as he took over Raúl González Blanco’s incredible record. And these are just a few of his greatest successes.

Now he has to continue performing at the highest level

Ronaldo team

Ronaldo has no shortage of praise for his Real Madrid teammates (Photo: Skysports)

Now that Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo both have broken great records against Malmo FF on Tuesday, they need to concentrate on the future games. The Galacticos are waiting for the drawing to see who will be their opponent in the Round of 16.

Cristiano Ronaldo have been criticised a lot by fans of the Whites and not without a merit – he has been performing under his skills together with the whole team, which has reached the top against FC Barcelona, where Real Madrid lost 0-4 to the ancient rival at home. Humiliating defeat, which seems like it was a wake-up call for Benítez’s men, since they seem to be performing far better than they did before.

After the Malmo game, Cristiano Ronaldo also wanted to highlight how the team is much more confident at this point of the season. He added that the team has shown its real face, because they can win against any opponent if they play the intensive game that they are capable of. The Portuguese did not fail to praise his teammates, and thanked them for helping to achieve the great record.

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