Ricciardo Is The Fun Driver To Back If You Go F1 Betting

Daniel Ricciardo

If you’ve placed the odd bet on sports in the UK in recent years the chances are you’ll have backed Lewis Hamilton once or twice whilst he’s been at the top of Formula One but this season luck has not been with him and rival Sebastian Vettel is already well ahead in the championship, which has made for some tense racing but has drained the fun from proceedings somewhat. Luckily one man is fighting a glorious holding action against the dour character of F1 betting he doesn’t have to hold back.

British Grand Prix 2017

• Winner
• Kimi Raikkonen – 33/1
• Daniel Ricciardo – 20/1
• Max Verstappen – 16/1
• Valtteri Bottas – 5/1
• Sebastian Vettel – 9/4
• Lewis Hamilton – 8/11

If there’s a motorsport version of “going native” it’s the issue of success. The higher one rises in the sport the more pressure there is upon one not merely to perform, but also to comport oneself in a manner that reflects perfectly upon the sponsors at all times. Add to this public-relations driven regime the game-face needs of a competitive championship and professional F1 drivers are, at least in front of the cameras, po-faced soundbite zombies. Interviewers don’t talk to drivers in F1 betting on loquaciousness.

This is a shame because over the years there have been some marvelously fun characters in the sport, but now Sebastian Vettel has lost his sense of humor as another Championship actually looks possible (something that seemed unlikely at the start of the season) and Lewis Hamilton was never a happy bunny unless he was winning, and he’s not. Even the baby faced Valtteri Bottas has grown cold, the PR people at Mercedes F1 betting they can make him another Rosberg if they brow beat him enough.

Dour Drivers Disappointingly Dull Despite Drama

Fortunately amid these serious professional dullards who bring all the joy and excitement to a press conference that a watching paint dry does to a Sunday afternoon there is Daniel Ricciardo, the Red Bull driver with all the luck Max Verstappen wishes he enjoyed. Anyone in the UK gambling news of his giggling like a school girl as he won the drama-crowded Azerbaijan Grand Prix would play badly with his sponsors couldn’t be more wrong, and indeed when he came home in third in Austria he didn’t hold back.

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo made headlines recently by winning the Azerbaijan Grand Prix (photo:

Not only did he roar with pleasure on mic at his team as if he’d just slain a dragon with a large axe, but he then treated the podium moment as something to be happy about. Next to the fixed face of Bottas and the now paranoid expression of Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo looked as joyful as a party with free ecstasy, grinning away and attempting to get his fellow drivers to enter into the now oft repeated “shoey” moment. The zombies weren’t pleased and I’m certain all in F1 betting this will become “a thing” are wholly wrong.

Bet365 Has All The Odds For Your F1 Betting Spree

British Grand Prix 2017

• Podium Finish
• Sergio Perez – 8/1
• Kimi Raikkonen – 3/1
• Max Verstappen – 11/4
• Daniel Ricciardo – 11/4
• Valtteri Bottas – 8/15
• Sebastian Vettel – 1/5
• Lewis Hamilton – 1/5

The hygene issues aside that makes the fifth podium finish in a row for Ricciardo which is a surprising statistic in a season that by rights should have seen Red Bull struggle to come fourth in any given race, and his joyous surprise each time is infectious, it’s just no one else in F1 is catching it. Indeed this week the woe-is-me atmosphere got worse as Silverstone announced it couldn’t afford to hold a Grand Prix after 2019 although those in F1 betting that’s just posturing ahead of the British Grand Prix are probably right.

Lewis Hamilton gets 8/11 from Bet365 to win the race, with Vettel getting 9/4, Bottas 5/1 and both Red Bulls sit at 16/1, however things get slightly more interesting when you look at the Top 3 Finish book where Ricciardo gets 11/4 to pull off another podium finish. If you’re into F1 betting that’s a good wager, because he’s taken advantage of every unforced error by Mercedes and Ferrari, and no one in the UK gambling news on Monday will be of an uneventful race this weekend has been paying attention.

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