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Posted: January 29, 2021

Updated: January 29, 2021

  • RNG make online gambling fair for you
  • Don't try to cheat if you don't want to be cheated

You might have heard about RNG in online casinos previously, especially when it was coming to games of chance. Random number generators don’t always ensure that online gambling sites in the US are legitimate, as most gamblers might think. Yet, every reputable and safe casino uses RNGs to make all gamblers’ chances equal. So, it is what makes the game fair for everyone.

Hence, most of you at least once wondered what random number generators are, how they operate and why casinos need them. If you never heard about them, it’s time to learn all the things you need to know. We are here to tell you everything. Though are not always given much focus on, the online casino games’ results are mostly controlled by them. All popular online casino games we are all familiar with, including card games, slots, etc. use RNGs.  So, keep reading to know all the secrets about RNGs!

Let’s Start From the Basics – What Is RNG in Online Casinos?

First of all, let’s just define what RNG in online casinos means before we dive deeper into this.  If you ever blamed the house for having the hand you can’t play well with, you were addressing the wrong place. House is not manipulating the results. No one and nothing is actually doing it. But you get what you get because of RNG. Basically, whether you play Blackjack, slots, lottery, or other games RNG is what decides on your hand and the result in general. RNG generates random numbers that are connected to symbols. These symbols can be the cards you are dealing with, signs on slots, wheel numbers, etc.

How do you know that they are random? Simply because you cannot predict them.

rng in online casinos
Got to keep it safe!

There Are Two Types of RNGs

You can come across two types of RNG in online casinos – hardware RNG and pseudorandom RNG. Essentially, they pursue the same thing. But there are some differences that you need to know about.
So, let’s start with hardware random number generators – they are kind of devices that generate random numbers. Physical processes or phenomena happening in the atmosphere are triggering the random numbers. Basically, those are the processes that are random by their nature as well. Live casinos also use this. Surely, you cannot rig the hardware RNG – it lies inside the machine is totally safe condition.

Now let’s come to the pseudorandom number generator. What did you think of the first when you saw “pseudo” in the naming? As most other gamblers, you most probably started questioning the randomness of this generator. Yet, it’s the wrong belief and you have nothing to worry about. This generator has “pseudo” just to compare it with the “hardware” generator. Thus, the names are so for difference highlighting purposes only. So, you cannot predict the results that the Pseudorandom number generator produces as well.

Pseudorandom generator uses mathematical algorithms, not the devices as in the case with hardware RNG. And many safest online casinos in the US use pseudorandom number generators.

Why Is RNG in Online Casinos Important?

Most of you already know how crucial it is for both live and online casinos to keep it all random. It’s just an inevitable part of gambling. So, every reputable casino makes all the games random so that no player gets any chance to cheat. This is why casinos can’t cheat their players as well. Beside unlicensed casinos. But you need to know how to spot fake casinos online to immediately leave them if you come across one.

rng in online casinos
Let’s play!

If there is no RNG in online casinos, you should just leave the gambling site. Most probably it will just be an unsafe casino that is aiming not to make your experience entertaining but to just money from you.

But you need to understand that secure casinos will never try to cheat their players.

If you have been losing for a few times in a row and you made sure that the casino is legit, then, it’s just your unlucky time. Take a break instead and come back once you took a rest from gambling. Try gambling at CyberSpins Casino. You will be totally safe there and you can enjoy your time using great online gambling bonuses in the US!

Should You Change the Way You Play or Not?

Depends on the strategy you use. If you are, say, trying to predict the results relying on the previous games, it’s better to give up on it. That sounds really logical but RNG in online casinos randomizes everything. So, you may end up just tiring your brain. Yet, some card-counting strategies do really work, you can just try a few.  But do it gracefully.

In a nutshell, every secure and licensed online casino should be tested by the 3rd party companies to make sure all the conditions are fair for all players. And random number generators are crucial for ensuring that fairness and safety as well.

You don’t want anyone to cheat you, right? Then, do not try to cheat as well. Because online casinos provide you with conditions to fraud others, then, they give the same conditions for other gamblers as well. Therefore, always stick to reputable casinos only.

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