New Football Scandal in Russia Affects Roman Shirokov Special Bets

  • Roman Shirokov is known for being the most scandalous player
  • Ex-captain of the Russian team hit the referee. Will he be punished?
  • Check the list of the dirtiest scandals Shirokov has ever caused
Roman Shirokov special bets

Apart from betting on Russian football competitions in 2020-21, check Roman Shirokov special bets. Ex-captain of the national team caused an incident during an amateur football league and has to carry a punishment. Will he be imprisoned or released like Kokorin and Mamaev?

It has been just a few days since a big scandal within the 2020-21 Russian Premier League. Just to remind you, Spartak Moscow wanted to quit the domestic competition due to biased refereeing after getting two unfair penalties. Although this issue seems to be solved, another controversial event took place in Russian football.

During an amateur football competition, the 2020 Moscow Celebrity Cup, one of the players hit the referee. Ex-captain of the national team, Roman Shirokov, punched the referee in his face and then tried to kick the man who fell off. Right after the incident, Roman Shirokov special bets emerged to clarify his future.

Moscow Celebrity Cup incident: why Shirokov hit the referee?

On August 11, another match within the 2020 Moscow Celebrity Cup took place. Two amateur teams – Match TV and Nichego Obichnogo (Nothing Special) – were competing in a quarterfinal. One of Match TV players, Shirokov, went down in the rival’s box but the referee, Nikita Danchenkov, didn’t give a penalty. Shirokov started arguing with the referee using vulgar words and got a caution. Then he punched the referee in the face and tried to kick the man who fell to the ground. The player’s teammates broke up the fight, but Danchenkov still went to the hospital after the incident.

As the Moscow Celebrity Cup is not an official football competition in Russia, no football sanctions can be applied to Shirokov. Therefore, online sportsbooks in Russia started suggesting what punishment he can get for his actions.

Roman Shirokov special bets
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Roman Shirokov special bets about the punishment

1xBET Sportsbook has several Roman Shirokov special bets with the highest chances to come true. One of them touches upon the criminal procedures to be brought against the ex-captain of the Russian team. Odds on Shirokov to come up for trial are 3.36.

The other odds of 10.00 show that Shirokov will actually go to prison like other Russian players – Kokorin and Mamaev – did last year. These two beat the cafe visitors in 2018 and were given a sentence to spend 1,5 years in jail. However, both were released from prison within half a year.

Also, Roman Shirokov is a football expert on Match TV channel in Russia. According to Roman Shirokov special bets at 1xBET, he will be back to work without any punishment.

All Roman Shirokov football scandals

Beating the referee is not the first Shirokov’s big scandal in football. During his professional career, he has been involved in many incidents. We made a list of four times when Shirokov sparked a row.

  • Shirokov is infamous for being rude to football fans. In 2012, for instance, he refused to give his jersey to a fan in a very rude way. The same year, he cussed out fans in the airport and stated that he was never playing for them;
  • In 2013, Shirokov showed an obscene gesture (bras d’honneur) to fans in the stadium during the Zenit v Volga match. As a result, the Federation of Sport in Russia disqualified him for two matches;
  • During the 2016 European Championship, Shirokov almost started a fight with Fyodor Smolov. Luckily, fellow players managed to stop him from punching the teammate, but he still accidentally hit another footballer, Pavel Mamaev;
  • In 2009, Shirokov publicly blamed Zenit goalkeeper for losing the match against Saturn. In particular, he said that even he could have played better.

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