Roulette Tactics: How to Strike a Winning Combo

Roulette tactics wheel

You can increase your chances with these Roulette tactics next time you hit the wheel.

Often times when you enter a casino or a mobile casino gambling site, you have the urge to hit the Roulette wheel first, as that is probably one of the most recognizable games in the industry. But no matter how popular and appealing the game itself is, some players are not aware of Roulette tactics that can be used to their advantage.

• Choose five “neighbour numbers” to have better chances
• Every time you lose a round, you can try the “double up” strategy
• Kavouras Bet involves spreading your bets across the table

Yes, we know… it looks very simple. All you have to do is select a number or color (or some other similar option) and then place your bets on what the ball is going to land on. However, there is more to it than that. It’s not a card game where you can manipulate your way through, even though you might have the worst hand. But there is a certain strategy that you can follow and therefore have higher chances of success.

”Five Numbers Bet” forms part of Roulette tactics

Roulette table layout

If you bet five adjacent numbers, your chances (are supposed to) increase significantly

As shown on Roulette30, you can use the “Five Numbers Bet” as a strategy when playing Roulette. This is a popular practice that involves you placing a bet on five numbers, and as a result it boosts your chances. A better version of that is the “Neighbors Bet” that dictates you picking a number and also its four neighbour numbers on the sides: two on the left and two on the right side.

For instance, the “17 and the Neighbours” means that you will wager on the main number 17, but you will also select 2, 25, 34 and 6 as the betting numbers. The point with this Roulette tactic is that it doesn’t matter what five numbers you choose. They can be different, as long as they are all neighbouring numbers. And you stick with the same set of numbers without the need to alternate to another combination of neighbour numbers.

Martingale can be a good start for beginners

Martingale is perhaps one of the oldest and most well-known gambling strategies in general. The point is to always “double up” on your bet if the outcome represents a loss for you. When the win finally arrives, then you start the next round with the original bet that you made at the start.

Paul Levy mathematician Martingale roulette tactics

Paul Levy perfected the Martingale

Although there are many sceptics that would argue Martingale doesn’t work, I have personally benefitted from this method on certain occasions while playing Roulette specifically. Granted they were small sums, and I used this strategy only for colours, however it proved successful nonetheless. I fit just so happens that the casino does not have limits then you might reach gambling news with your winning Roulette tactics.

However, there is a flaw with this betting method. If the casino you’re playing in has a betting limit on the table, then you won’t be able to employ Martingale. For this strategy to work there should be no limits and, in fact, you should also be prepared to go deep in your wallet until you hit a win. Also, it is not advisable that you try on number betting, but rather apply it solely on colours. But if there are no limits, then this Roulette tactic can come in handy for amateur players that are looking to score a few bucks.

Don’t forget the Kavouras Bet

Minesweeper roulette tactics Kavouras bet

The Kavouras strategy is basically like a minefield, sooner or later it’ll trample on one

Just like the Martingale strategy, the Kavouras Bet is also a popular betting method. This is about being diverse with your choice of numbers. You should select 20 numbers, as this will help you have a shorter losing period. Also, don’t choose a pattern or set of specific numbers, but rather spread them all around the table in a manner that won’t have any resemblance to structure or organization.

In the spirit of avoiding a strict system, place different wagers on your numbers. So this means that some numbers will have a higher bet and some will have a lower bet. Often, players will do this to minimize the losses if the ball lands on a number with a lower bet. But with the Kavouras Bet, you will have the chance to record a profit of at least one unit. But if it lands on a number with the higher bet, then you will have a big payout.

And finally, don’t forget the zero! Online casinos in the US have a greater house edge, as American Roulette tables feature two zeros: 0 and 00. So in reality, you have slightly lower to record a win with American Roulette. European tables on the other hand only have one zero. I recall getting a tip from a friend who worked in a small casino once, “occasionally put some money on zero.” Despite taking his advice, I never actually won with a zero. But just because it didn’t happen to me doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you.

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