A Safe Choice: Bet on the Lee Selby vs Josh Warrington Fight

bet on Selby vs Warrington

Lee Selby will have to defend his IBF Featherweight World Title against Josh Warrington on 19 May in a grudge match in Leeds. The outcome of the bout seems predictable, so placing a bet on the Selby vs Warrington fight is highly recommended.

Sometimes online betting sites in the UK can be inaccurate with their predictions, but they seem to be on the money this time. VBet Sportsbook, for instance, offers only a 1.22 multiplier for Selby, who is indeed more likely to win than his opponent. By contrast, betting on the Selby vs Warrington ending with the latter’s win would be awarded with a 3.98 figure. So what exactly makes Warrington an underdog?

It’s not even that Selby is the more seasoned fighter. Sure enough, while Warrington has been battling more and more serious opponents lately, his resume pales in comparison to that of the featherweight champion. But strategy is expected to play a larger role in determining the result than experience.

Fighting Styles

The contenders are similar in that they don’t necessarily want to end the fight early; they usually let the judges decide the result. They gain points by outdoing their opponents’ number of landed punches and by knowing how to break their rivals’ game.

Where they differ is aggressiveness. Warrington tends to take a come-forward approach, and pressuring Selby is indeed his best chance. He will have to try to dominate the statistics to impress the judges.

bet on Selby vs Warrington

Warrington (source: Yorkshire Evening Post)

That will be a difficult feat, though, as Selby is known to have an impressive defense. He also showcases great tactical skills and his patience has helped him find golden opportunities many times. If he makes good use of that strategic thinking under Warrington’s pressure, he will be able to win most rounds.

Are the Specials Better for Betting on Selby vs Warrington?

While some online sportsbook sites in the UK only offer bets on the winner of the bout, the above-mentioned VBet Sportsbook lets gamblers place money on the total number of rounds. While the specials whose chances of happening are realistic offer only a slightly more rewarding multiplier, it might be better to bet on the fight going the distance (2/7) than on Selby’s victory (2/9).

Knowing the contenders’ history of relying on the judges’ decision, the likelihood of the bout going the distance is just as high as that of Selby’s successfully defending his title. Why not take advantage of the better multiplier, then?

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