Should You Bet on Győri Audi ETO KC to Win the Champions League Semi-Finals?

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The Women’s EHF Final4 will include what is easily the most anticipated match of the Champion’s League: the Hungarian defending champions will go against Romania’s pride. Considering the history they have, we would bet on Győri Audi ETO KC to defeat CSM Bucuresti.

Both teams know how it feels to hold the Champions League trophy: Győr won it last year, CSM two years ago. Both teams had to defeat fierce opposition to get to the semi-finals and they have even played against each other multiple times in the past. We have examined both types of encounters to determine whether betting on Győri Audi ETO KC or CSM Bucuresti is safer.

The Rivals’ Previous Clashes

Cristina Neagu

Cristina Neagu

CSM Bucuresti actually won their 2015-2016 Champions League title against Győr, albeit only in a penalty shootout. This would suggest that CSM has better prospects, but in their more recent match, Győr has played more convincingly.

On February 26, CSM top scorer Cristina Neagu’s relatively weak performance significantly damaged her team’s chances, while Győr managed to make smart substitutes for their injured athletes. Győr dominated that match, and still seem to have the means to repeat that feat in the semi-finals.

The quarter-finals also suggested that Győr is more reliable than CSM. There, both teams met surprisingly strong opponents. While Győr won only by a small margin in the second leg against Buducnost (30:28), CSM was even defeated by Metz in their rematch; the Romanian team went through only because of how dominantly they won the first leg (34:21).

The Multiplier for Betting on Győri Audi ETO KC

Considering Győr’s even performance and CSM’s less consistent games, online betting sites in Hungary do not need to be patriotic to deem Győr’s victory more likely. VBet Sportsbook, for instance, offers a 1.64 multiplier for the Hungarian team as opposed to 2.86 for CSM. While the promised profit for betting on Győri Audi ETO KC might be smaller, we would still recommend placing your money on them.

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