Sergio Perez Special Bets on His Red Bull Opportunity to Win the Title

  • Perez finished fourth place in 2020
  • The first and only F1 race won by Perez was the Shakhir GP in 2020
  • His biggest challenge in Red Bull will be to keep up with Verstappen
Sergio Perez special bets

The experienced Mexican driver Sergio Perez is about to take on the grid with a new car and team of Red Bull. His task in 2021 is no less than seeking the drivers and constructors championship. The expectations cannot be higher, but what do Sergio Perez special bets say, is he up to the task? Should he bring out the best in him, yes he can do it.

The 30-year-old F1 driver Sergio Perez finished his 2020 season with Racing Point on a high note. He collected 125 points to secure the fourth seat in the overall standings, as per Formula 1. However, he is not stopping there. His next goal is to contribute effectively to the growth of Red Bull and win the biggest prize in the sport.

As online sportsbook news sites in Mexico reported, the Red Bull team is also expecting some big achievements from Perez. They will be asking Perez to help Max Verstappen and the rest of the team week in and week out, to close the gap to Mercedes on the grid. And of course, they will expect no less than Perez getting to the podium on several occasions throughout the season. That is an extremely high bar to hit. But, Sergio Perez’s special betting odds suggest he has the ability to do it.

Sergio Perez special bets on closing the gap to Mercedes

The reason Red Bull signed Sergio Perez to replace Alex Albon is to win the 2021 Constructors Championship. As per online sportsbooks in Mexico, the special F1 odds on Red Bull to win it all are very high. The likes of Bet365 Sportsbook offer 4.50 on Red Bull to become the new champions. Anything less than that will be considered a modest achievement for the Red Bull.

Sergio Perez special bets
Let’s race!

If we look back at Sergio Perez’s journey since 2011, he was able to get to the podium 10 times. He did it with Sauber, Force India, and Racing Point. Last season he won the Shakhir Grand Prix. It was his first and only win of an F1 race. Waiting to win big for ten years probably made him very hungry, and it seems he either does it now or never. The 2021 F1 Ferrari odds are slim, and Mercedes have been on top for a long time.

Teaming up with Verstappen is the biggest challenge

Sergio Perez will have a competitive pairing with 23-year-old Max Verstappen. According to Sergio Perez special bets, there is a big gap between the two drivers. Perez values 21.00 to be the 2021 F1 champion, while Verstappen is at 6.00. It is no surprise, as many regard Verstappen as one of the best and one of the fastest, if not the fastest.

Verstappen’s former teammates Gasly and Albon faced a lot of pressure and demand from the team, media, and fans. they had to push Verstappen for Red Bull’s title, and when they failed they had to leave. It will be no different to Perez. So, the only way to do it is to keep the momentum going from 2020. If he faces minor setbacks he will likely be dropped before the season ends.

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