Seven Reasons You Should Be Gambling At Bet365

Seven Reasons to Gamble at Bet365

In so many areas of life there is discussion or argument over who is best at doing what, sport is almost entirely based on this principle, but when it comes to online gaming sites, there really is only one choice

There often seems to be a blindingly wide variety of online gambling sites in the UK and elsewhere to which one is constantly being asked to sign up, ranging from the wholly useless through to the mildly effective, but with online security being a major factor in all transactions it has become less and less attractive to hand over our details to sites that seem to have no reputation to speak of, and even fewer guarantees behind them.

Thankfully the process of choosing somewhere to facilitate your desire for internet betting in the UK or elsewhere has never been easier because over the last fifteen years or so one site has risen not just head and shoulders above the competition, but has begun to build a helipad on the roof. Bet365 is the leading online gambling site in the world, it spans the globe both in terms of customers and services provided, and is unrivaled in a number of key areas.

1. Variety

The massive variety, dwarfing the competition’s offerings, is simply staggering. When Charlie Harper in the hit US TV show “Two & A Half Men” said of his satellite TV package “That’s really cool, I get every sporting event in the world. If a kid in Madagascar throws a rock at a tree, I can see it and bet on it!” people laughed because it was an comedic exaggeration. With Bet365 there’s always the possibility that Madagascan rock throwing is just on a menu you’ve not fully explored as yet.

One of the central tenets of Bet365‘s business model is to provide the greatest number of opportunities possible, preferably live, and they do this with aplomb creating 24/7 entertainment by utilizing the truly global nature of the world today. Where others concentrate on table games, the horses or perhaps US sports, Bet365 offers them all and much, much more. Perhaps the rock throwing isn’t in there really, but I assure you everything else really is.

2. Accessibility

Bet365 Mobile Application

Leading the field is a phrase often bandied about but only ever really applies to the truly exceptional and in regard of their site, and indeed their mobile betting app, Bet365 doesn’t just lead the field, it is constantly redefining where the hedges are. One of the reasons cited most often for their huge success in retaining users, and there’s ever growing number of them, is the sheer clarity of the layout and styling.

Now some purists might bemoan this as being akin to liking a betting shop because of the color of the plastic pens, but the fact is that people don’t interact with sites that aren’t clear, concise, functional and hassle-free. Far too many have learned to their cost that what clever technical wizards can dream up isn’t always what users want. Just ask U2. At Bet365 their highly experienced technical staff have been kept on a sensible leash and as a result the site is superb.

3. Both Here And Yet There

Bet365‘s provision of live events from all over the world for people to bet on is typically the lead in any discussion about them, but it really is only half the story. The other half is that its users are likewise from all over the world, and rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach, all too common amongst their competitors, Bet365 ensures that where possible people can use their own language and indeed their own currency, which can make all the difference.

• Offers everything from Financial markets to mobile casino games
• A successful British, family run, business
• The global market leader in the industry

Now perhaps you’re not too bothered if Bet365 can give telephone customer service in mandarin, but its growing number of Chinese users do, and the fact that the company has invested in provision of that service for its customers is indicative of the level of common sense that is being exercised by the management. That’s why you can wager in so many currencies on their site, it’s the sensible service to provide. Bet365 is generally available but tries and succeeds in being locality specific.

4. Hard Software

Most of us don’t really care about the back-end to all the technical wizardry that we now find ourselves using daily, we don’t have to. We turn the devices on, the screens light up, and we tap, swipe and gesture away to our heart’s content. It is perhaps only when it doesn’t quite function as well as we would wish that we even consider the massive amounts of code used to render the experience we’ve been enjoying till that error message came up.

Bet365 has had a long association with THE best provider of software in the business, Playtech, who don’t just live on the cutting edge, they sharpen it with their teeth. If you want to know how your gaming experience will be rendered unto you in the future, break into Playtech’s R&D department and ask some questions, because right now, they’re shaping the way you’ll play not just today but tomorrow and for years to come.

5. Live And Direct

Real-time interaction with gambling markets is another of the technically difficult achievements Bet365 have made look easy. Whether it be through their leverage of television coverage and sponsorship, or just streaming events live on their site, they have literally created a new landscape within the sector, shifting aside the seemingly insurmountable obstacles as if they were never really obstacles at all.

That hidden technical jiggery pokery that so many seem to have issues with when it comes to this global real-time interaction is achieved with a seamless smooth styling that is unequaled by any other site, and compares in a hugely favorable manner even beyond the boundaries of the industry, in terms of reliability, customer satisfaction and security. Bet365 in many ways is the envy of the internet simply because they did it first and they did it right.

6. Financial Markets

There are moments when they cut to financial news on the television and you’re left watching a stream of numbers you don’t understand, hued as if color-coded by a mad magpie on acid, and commented upon by people who don’t seem to be speaking a recognizable language. What’s worse is you know that someone somewhere is getting rich watching this stuff, and you’re always slightly miffed it isn’t you, well with Bet365 it can be you.

Their financial markets allow you to follow the Nasdaq, DowJones, different currencies, the lot. Better yet you don’t need to “phone your broker” or wear an eighties tie and scream “SELL!” or “BUY!” across a room crowded with computer terminals and people called Gavin you might have to play Squash against one evening. It’s just there for you on their site, LIVE so you can check in with them, and put your money on them just like the Gavins, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

7. The Owners

Bet365 Stoke Headquarters

This is, somewhat obviously, the moment for a rather cruel joke about anyone who supports Stoke probably needing all the help they can get, some of it possibly psychiatric in nature, however since they got a draw against West Ham this weekend I shall restrain myself, and merely say that where other sites are owned by faceless monolithic corporations now so diluted and diffuse they appear almost spectral, Bet365 is still a family business, a business based in the UK.

They retain 2,400 staff in Stoke, their home town, they donate to the Labour party, they have set up a charitable foundation with 100 million pounds of their own money and give generously to local charities, like Stoke City FC – okay, so that was cruel, sorry lads – and indeed generally give the impression that, corny as it may sound here and now, they haven’t forgotten where they came from, despite the heights to which they’ve risen.

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