Seven Requirements For Safe & Sensible Internet Gambling

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It astounds me that this far into the 21st century some people still don’t seem to have a grip on some of the very basic rules of the internet. It’s not a new phenomenon, it’s a part of every day life and not following standard procedures to keep yourself, and your money, safe online is tantamount to begging to be mugged. So if you like to bet on sports in the US and use sites like Bet365 to do it, here’s a quick guide to safe & sensible internet gambling.


Sensible Internet Gambling

  • Use a unique password
  • Update your firewall
  • Retain a clear head

Note the plural. Using the same password, however complex, for every site you use is ridiculous and writing passwords down anywhere at all invalidates them as a method of security. If you suffer from a poor memory attempt to use a theme or pattern to make recall easier, and never share your password with anyone for any reason. Any requests for your password are bogus and should be ignored even if they come from a reputable source. Sensible internet gambling begins and ends with a good password.

password for gambling sites

Always set up a secure password for your gambling sites!


You need not be an expert in US gambling laws or computer programming to use a modern firewall that prevents unauthorized access to your machine. Most come with intuitive and easy to follow instructions and having one, beyond the one built into Windows, is a necessity in this day and age. It is also important for your safe & sensible internet gambling regime to keep it updated however annoying the few minutes it takes is. There’s a reason for those pop-up reminders. Ignore them at your peril.

No Drink

Safe Internet Gambling

  • Set a concrete budget
  • Have an apt time limit
  • Use a reputable site

There’s nothing wrong with a glass of something relaxing whilst one gambles at Bet365 and its ilk, safe & sensible internet gambling need not be puritanical but getting completely wasted on vodka and Redbull then awaking the following morning to find you’ve gambled the rent on a 50/1 outsider in the 3:30 at Chepstow is never pleasant. Moderation, as in so many things, is the key here, and it may well be best to steer clear of the more intoxicating spirits or strong liquor and instead stick to beer or wine.

alcohol and gambling

It’s important to drink in moderation while wagering money online

No Drugs

Whilst we by no means advocate the use and abuse of recreational drugs, no one in the US gambling news of sudden victory in the War On Drugs will be forthcoming has any understanding of the situation. So since some of you will undoubtedly feel that safe & sensible internet gambling can include partaking of your favorite narcotic we can only remind you that like a Qiu Bo dive there’s always a come down, and finding you’ve blown your bankroll when reality returns can ruin your day.

Set A Time Limit

It can be easy to become distracted from the world around you when online and getting caught up in the fun and excitement of live casino games, at Bet365 or wherever, can result in a distinct time loss. There’s nothing worse than sitting down for “a few minutes” and discovering several hours have flown by, it can lead to inappropriate sleeping patterns and a single late night binge can have knock on effects throughout your week so a sensible internet gambling includes a time limit. Set an alarm if necessary.

gambling time limits

Setting a time limit is one of the best ways to keep gambling safe and fun

Have A Concrete Budget

This would seem to be one of the more obvious rules to safe & sensible internet gambling. The ease of access at Bet365 and the like to so many markets and opportunities, what with mobile casino games in the US and elsewhere now, it’s very easy to lose track of just how big your various bankrolls are, or how depleted. Whatever your limits, and you really should know them at your age, stick to them and keep an eye on all the different accounts you have at various sites perhaps noting a running total.

Use A Reputable Site For Sensible Internet Gambling

Reputable Gambling Sites

  • Bet365
  • Bovada Sportsbook
  • 7Bit Casino
  • GTBets

The difference between reputable online gambling sites and disreputable online gambling sites is that you’ve heard of the reputable ones. The market recognition that sites like Bet365, the largest and best in the world, have is testament to their legitimate and reliable business practices. Safe & sensible internet gambling makes use of a reputable site mandatory and if you’re not sure which are and aren’t Gaming Zion exclusively reviews legit sites to help you choose the one that’s best for your tastes in wagering.

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