Sheldon Adelson on Poker and Daily Fantasy Sports

Sheldon Adelson on Poker

In an exclusive interview, Yahoo Finance has asked Sheldon Adelson about Poker and Daily Fantasy Sports.

The CEO of Las Vegas Sands, Sheldon Adelson, is known for being an opponent of online gambling. Adelson’s stance is totally understandable: it’s in his best interest to keep land-based gambling relevant and profitable. Why would“the largest company in the gaming business” support a a new style of gambling that could hurt it?

In his interview with Yahoo Finance, Adelson claimed that both daily fantasy sports and poker are gambling. “I know what’s gambling and I know what’s not gambling. And fantasy sports is gambling. I’m very much against it,” said Adelson. To prove his point that poker is also gambling, Adelson stated: “I don’t know how skill can apply to somebody shuffling a deck of cards and randomly giving them out to you.”

Most of the commenters tried to argue Adelson’s stance, calling him a hypocrite, stating that CEOs of traditional gambling businesses hate competition and they want all and any profit from themselves.

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