Social casinos: a multi-billion dollar business (Part1)

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The social casino industry is developing into a leader in the whole mobile gaming sector in the world

The enormous development of social media in the past decade didn’t pass the gambling sector either. Not only that online gambling became more prominent all over the world but new was of developing the idea of gambling also emerged. The social mobile casinos, as gambling news report, are one such innovation.

Social casinos are nowadays one of the most profitable strands in the mobile game industry. In the past 5 years, the social casino sector managed to develop into a multi-billion dollar market. In this 2017, they are expected to generate USD 4.4 billion which in comparison to their beginnings is something that no one could imagined few years ago. Moreover, social casinos are home to some of the most passionate spenders in the gambling industry, exhibiting a payer conversion rate upwards of 46 %among U.S. players.

From traditional to social casino industry

The question that all of asks today in regard of the social casino industry is how did they become a mobile game powerhouse? Gambling experts give a simple answer: a perfect storm of events. First of all there were the possibilities opened by the mobile platforms. The second factor was the removal of real-money winnings from traditional casino games, which gave rise of the social casino. 

• The development of social casinos simply followed the social-media development of our time

• Caesars Entertainment is one of the leaders in the social casino industry

• The presence of Sony, Scientific Games and Caesars still leaves many places to be filled in this emerging industry

However, thistrend didnt passed the attention of the traditional casino industry. Both land-based casino operators and casino game manufacturers wanted a share of the pot. Thus , as online gambling sites in Germany report, among the first operators who seriously invested in the social casino business was Caesars Entertainment Corporation whichin 2011, acquired the casino developer Playtika from Israel. The deal paid off and soon the mobile casino giant Caesars Interactive Entertainment, emerged,becoming thus a leader on the social casino market.

Who is who in the social casino business?

After Caesars started this pioneering investment in the social casino industry other offline casino companies made similar moves on the market. Thus the International Game Technology’s (IGT) bought soon Double Down Interactive, Churchill Downs acquired Big Fish Games, Aristocrat purchased Product Madness and many more.The questions that many ask is who are the leaders in the industry? Who are the companies that make the ground breaking innovations in the sector?

Although pointing out to one single leader in the social casino business is a hard task to accomplish, distinguishing the most successful companies in different aspects does seems to plausible. In this respect, as online gambling sites in EU report,Caesars Entertainment Corporation does seem to be among the leaders in several categories, especially after their acquisition of the World Series of Poker and the House of Fun. The merger formed by Sony Pictures Television and GSN games is probably on the same level having some of the major innovation in the field in 2016. Lastly, Scientific Games are not avoidable either. With their network of acquisitions starting from WMS in 2013 until Dragonplay in 2014 they are definitely enlisted among the giants in the more and more developing social casino business.

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