Social Gambling Platforms Well Positioned for USA

Social gambling to go head-to-head with land-based casinos.

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With the high likelihood of legalization of online casinos under the American gambling laws, many players seek to ready themselves to quickly enter this huge market.

There are different ways. One is for land-based casinos to team up with online software providers and eventually open up online casinos in United States.

In addition, mobile casinos in United States will also open together with desktop-based casinos. So, the competition will involve two fronts.

The other way is to do it all alone, or to enter the gambling business via such platforms as Facebook. Such sites offer what is known as social gambling, already quite popular, but not played for real money until the laws change.

Here, groups of Facebook friends can play among themselves such games as blackjack or poker. All while chatting about it, or even bragging about their real or imaginary accomplishments, as many Facebook users do.

While online and land-based casinos know how to create attractive games, and often depend on providers such a Microgaming for the entire game suites, this expertise doesn’t exactly translate into the social gambling arena. Who knows what the future will bring. Will the famous land-based casinos enter Facebook to seek gambling revenues?

Perhaps, top online casinos will do that? It’s all up to the negotiators and deal-makers. What seems unlikely, though, is the emergence of online sportsbooks in USA as the current legal developments seem not to favor legalization of these.

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