Social Gaming Gamzio Mobile to Expand into Real-Money Gaming

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Canadian social gambling casino Gamzio Mobile plans to expand into real-money gaming.

Gamzio Mobile are one of the leading Social Gaming developers in the “fun to play” games on mobile casinos and internet gaming. To date, they’ve mostly focused on innovative social gaming experiences, but it appears they’re ready to branch out.

The Canadian company has recently announced that as part of a new strategy, Gamzio Mobile is set to develop a number real casino game offering, where players can play for real money.

Although Canadian gambling laws are a little fuzzy on the state of online gambling, in that the government does not issue sites with licenses, there are quite a few internet casinos that operate from Canada.

Gamzio Mobile jumps onto the real-money gaming bandwagon

While social casino gaming placed Gamzio outside the area of being an operator of real-money casinos, that is all about to change.

The new casino game offerings will be added onto the current social game of the Slots-O-Luck Adventure.

Additionally, it appears Gamzio are looking to expand, since they’re currently in talks with top-tier eGambling companies to make more real-money adaptations of current games.

“It is a natural progression for Gamzio to tap into the estimated $40 billion worldwide online gambling industry in 2014,” said Jason Deiboldt, the chief executive officer at Gamzio, who is very excited to access the new market.

Real-money casino games are currently valued at $40 billion internationally, so it’s easy to see the appeal for Gamzio Mobile.

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