South Africa Bet Against India Winning Another ODI

Posted: February 14, 2018

Updated: May 22, 2018

Their win in the Test Series earlier in the year should have given them momentum enough to push through this ODI series against India however they find themselves 4-1 down with only a couple of games to play and their performance in the shorter game has lacked the determination and drive of the test side. That said there’s plenty of South Africans willing to bet against India winning again, the question is should you join them or the hoards backing the tourists using online gambling in India?

India Vs South Africa

  • February 16th
  • Cricket ODI
  • Supersport Park
  • Centurion, Pretoria
  • SA – 6/5
  • India – 4/6

That test series victory now looks far less firm than it did at the time. The South African team, like many other international sides, is struggling to spread its focus twixt the longer and shorter forms of Cricket and its ODI side’s performance has been a boon for any betting and poker room in India as many cash in on what appears a very lackluster side hosting the rampant Indian side. Their defeats have been crushing, the least by 73 runs and the only reason you could have to bet against India is the weather.

Don’t Bet Against India Or The Sunshine On Friday

It might be unfair to say the SA side only won in the New Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg because the weather cut down their reply to barely half the usual number of overs, but to bet against India because you think it’ll rain on Friday is like going into a casino in India and looking for the bull-riding machine. Naturally South Africans will bet against India anyway, and will have the advantage of 6/5 odds (India get just 4/6) as well as not having to deal with silly anachronistic Indian gambling laws.

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