Is A Bet On India To Beat South Africa A No Brainer?

Bet on India

It might have been a bit of an up-and-down year for the Indian cricket team but whilst their test series highlighted both strengths and weaknesses their ODI performance has been superb and if you like online gambling in India this Friday’s game is a prime opportunity to back them to win again with a bet on India to continue dominance of this series.

India Vs South Africa

  • February 16th
  • Cricket ODI
  • Supersport Park
  • Centurion, Pretoria
  • India – 4/6
  • SA – 6/5

Perhaps you’d not have bet on India to already be 4-1 up in the series, and let’s be honest the South Africans are lucky to have even that single consolation victory thanks to the all but incomprehensible Duckworth Lewis Stern method and some dodgy weather in Johannesburg cutting the SA reply down to just over 25 overs, especially not after the test series ended 2-1 to the hosts, however the India team have not put a foot wrong and made taking advantage of Indian gambling laws to back them a must.

Fair Weather Favors A Bet On India In Centurion

Bet on India

SuperSport Park (source:

Anyone sat in a casino in India watching that ODI in Centurion at Supersport Park a couple of weeks ago wouldn’t have hesitated for a minute to bet on India winning the series, their 9 wicket rout of the host team was a sight to see and there’s every chance they’ll do it again this Friday at the very same venue. You can find really tasty 4/6 odds on India to win the game and with SA at a scant 6/5. and the weather unlikely to aid them, visiting a betting or poker room in India to back the tourists is very popular.

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