South African Casinos Online Now Replaced By Lottery Scam Gangs

Posted: December 22, 2011

Updated: October 4, 2017

South African online casinos prohibition caused a rise in number of violent gangs profiting from illegal lottery and gambling scams.

It has been conclusively proven throughout the history of mankind that all attempts to enact morality – Thou Shall Not Gamble at online casino in South Africa – ends in utter failure.

Yet prohibitions against casinos, poker, dice or online bingo in South Africa has never yet failed to create a vacuum that was not eagerly filled by clever criminal organizations.

The South African government in all its ‘wisdom’ is now a triple looser – the empty tax coffers with no online casino gaming revenues coming in; the vast majority of law abiding professionals fleeing the country due to obscene levels of crime and lack of liberalized South African gambling laws; and now with an influx of powerful organized gangs from Nigeria and Ghana – there is little hope left (but enough to bet on).

Emanuel the Machete Wielding, Fake Online Lottery Reseller

Emanuel Augustine Nuseb, 37, of Johannesburg by way of Ghana is just such guest inadvertently tempted by the smell of easy money coming off the South African gambling prohibition.

Having never before lived in a city and more familiar with the laws of the jungle, Emanuel allegedly quickly carved himself a niche by killing off most of the competition grown soft from to too much gangster rap and not enough niches on their knife handle, or as is in Emanuel’s case – the machete handle.

The party came to an end when one of Emanuel’s wives, Ms. Lucinda Eyabalo, was arrested in Ghana after refusing to pay an equivalent of a $1 bribe despite carrying tens of thousands of dollars in cash along with evidence of a complex internet lottery scam. 

December 16, just a day later, Emanuel the Machete wielding fake internet lottery retailer, was arrested along with his personal shaman – Dr. Ravindrasingh Waccher (52) on suspicion of online lottery fraud.

Foreign Based Online Bingo in South Africa is Safer

Police reportedly found a treasure trove of South African mobile casino phone numbers, laptop, foreign currency, convertible bonds, forged documents, crack cocaine as well as book detailing various forgery techniques.

Only the books remain in custody today, the rest of the evidence misplaced, as has happened in over 95% of criminal cases in Johannesburg this year. The evidence was luckily photographed and recorded, since judge no longer expect to physically examine the recovered loot, in order to make a conviction.

Police allege that the gang was able to convince a number of wealthy (but perhaps senile) individuals in Canada, New Zealand and Germany that somehow they’ve won a $100 million surprise lottery in a country they’ve never visited.

The South African online lottery crooks also convinced the victims that a large upfront tax payment was required before seeing the envelope with the nine digit check.

The gang managed to convince between 30 and 40 individuals into believing the ruse including one unlucky internet lottery winner who was duped for over $100,000 US before realizing (too late) that he’s been had.

It is unknown when the case will go to trial since the 52 year old shaman turned out to really be a Zulu shaman, and was quickly transferred into the custody of the Zulu clan chief. Johannesburg police advice all victims of the South African online gambling scam to fly in and make a report.

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