South Carolina Gambling Laws

South Carolina gambling laws on betting, casinos, lotteries, fantasy sports,

If you’re planning to gamble in the US, South Carolina is not your ideal destination. South Carolina gambling laws ban almost every form of casino-style gaming, permitting only lottery and boat casinos.

Casino Gambling and Betting in South Carolina

South Carolina gambling laws are extremely restrictive, outlawing almost all forms of gambling in the state. In contrast with most US gambling laws, South Carolina laws involve both the operators and players. Gambling operators are guilty of misdemeanor, and “must be fined one thousand dollars and imprisoned for one year.” Gamblers can “be imprisoned for a period of not over thirty days or fined not over one hundred dollars.” There are no casinos in South Carolina, not even on Native American lands.

The only legal option to play casino-style games are the South Carolina casino boats. These boats depart from the coastal territories and sail to international waters, where players are no longer limited by the strict South Carolina gambling laws. Casino boats in South Carolina were allowed by the Gambling Cruise Act of 2005. The boats can operate in exchange for a levy to the coastal counties.

Online Gambling in South Carolina

Online gambling in South Carolina is illegal. South Carolina gambling laws do not explicitly prohibit online gambling; however, they can be applied to it. South Carolina legislators don’t license online casinos and playing at offshore sites is also illegal as the gambling laws are applicable to players too, not only operators.

Lotteries in South Carolina

The state lottery of South Carolina began in 2002, under the name South Carolina Education Lottery. Residents can participate in multi-state games as well, including the popular Powerball. Tickets can be purchased at land-based resellers by residents over 18.

Daily Fantasy Sports in South Carolina

Daily Fantasy Sports in South Carolina are not regulated but that doesn’t mean that they’re illegal. “It’s legal until it’s declared otherwise,” said Eighth Circuit Deputy Solicitor Warren Mowry in 2015. “I have not heard of any groundswell against it in South Carolina,” he added. The state’s Attorney General did not receive any complaints or requests to release a legal opinion yet. Almost all major Daily Fantasy Sports sites accept South Carolina residents.

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