Spanish Casinos Find Great Strategy To Help Gamblers Who Smoke

Two Spanish casinos found a great workaround to defeat the annoying smoking ban forced upon all gamblers in Spain.

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While some casino businesses treat smokers no better than homeless, HIV+ lepers, others try to accommodate the 20% of gamblers who enjoy the rich, delicious, unfiltered cigarette from time to time.

Case in point is Spain, which was forced along with the rest of Europe to adapt draconian anti-smoking measures mandated by the European Union.

Spanish gambling laws unfortunately prohibit smoking along with explosives, chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons within any gambling establishment.

According to online gambling news in Spain, two Spanish casino have found a delightful way to follow the letter of the law while completely destroying its spirit.

Cirsa Group, which operates Monte Picayo and Valencia Casinos, along with numerous gambling ventures including online bingo games in Spain, are circumventing the smoking ban by placing a significant portion of the casino action in their enchanting garden.

The gardens at both casino properties in Spain have large terraces which are now transformed into an outdoor gambling wonderland with slot machines, blackjack, and baccarat table games.

It is here that Spanish gamblers can smoke to their heart’s content while enjoying the beautiful scenery as proponents of anti-smoking laws watch from within the casino, envious, yet too afraid of catching third-hand smoke to venture outside.

Gamblers who smoke at Spain’s Valencia Casino enjoy the excellent view of the city before them while drinking from the huge selections of wines from the finest vineyards that Spain has to offer. The casino expects around 4000 visitors to gambler outside while smoking during the first month.

During the winter months, plans are already in the works to create an outdoor area which will not be considered a ‘structure’ as it is defined by the European Union. We wish our smoking Spanish friends the best of luck.

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