Special Harry and Meghan Odds


Posted: January 9, 2019

Updated: January 9, 2019

From Game of Thrones fans to British politics lovers can all take advantage of the special Harry and Meghan odds at Bovada Sportsbook. Bet on the Royal baby!

Not so long ago, online sportsbook news in the USA were flooded by the reports that Prince Harry’s wife was pregnant. After the rumours came to life, it was only a matter of time when special Harry and Meghan odds finally showed up. The time is now, GamingZion presents you the best and the weirdest Royal family betting odds.

Royal baby name betting suggests historic figures…

Of course, a Royal baby is not just an everyday person. He or she will be the newest member of the Royal family. Hence, a Royal name of an outstanding person is a must. Luckily, British history is full of people whose names shall be proudly remembered forever. Should the Royal baby be born a boy, a good pick for his name could be Winston or William. The top Royal baby name betting predictions for the female version suggest either Diana or Margaret.

Winston +4,000
Diana +800
William +6,600
Margaret +4,500
Boris +25,000
Theresa +10,000
Jamie +15,000

However, knowing the fact that Harry likes to shock the world with his acts, you might want to take advantage when the opportunity arrives. Special Harry and Meghan odds come prepared: will the baby be named Boris or Theresa, just to troll British politics? Game of Thrones fans might want to go for Jamie, but let’s hope he would be alone in that case, without a sister…

Bet on double-babies for Harry and Meghan!

We’ve slightly touched this topic in the previous paragraph: do you think it’s possible that Princess Meghan is pregnant with twins? Would it be only girls, only boys or maybe both? Those are available options when you’re looking at the special Harry and Meghan odds, but these are only the simplest ones. You can even bet on the new-born’s hair colour, or the month, day and time the baby will be born. It’s incredible how many special royal baby betting odds you can find at Bovada Sportsbook!

Meghan to give birth to twins +1,500
Meghan NOT to give birth to twins -2,500
New-born to be a boy -115
New-born to be a girl -115
New-born to be born with blonde hair +2,500
New-born to be born on a Friday +550
New-born to be born in March, 2019 +250

Special Harry and Meghan odds on the baby’s nationality

Thanks to the Anglo-Saxon culture and heritage, whoever is born in the country, receives nationality. That’s how the legal system works in the UK as well as the USA. Now, it is no doubt that the new-born baby of the British Royal Family will be granted UK nationality. However, Prince Harry might be after something more…

Special Harry and Meghan Odds
Harry and Meghan planning to give birth to the future President of the United States?

Once again, there is nothing new for special Harry and Meghan odds. The royal couple cannot do anything that online sportsbook sites in the USA wouldn’t expect them to. If you believe Harry wants his son or daughter to become the President of the United States one day, they will have to make sure that the baby is born on US territory. And of course you can bet on Meghan to give birth to her child on US territory!

New-born to be born in the UK -500
New-born to be born in the USA +300
New-born to be born in any other country +700
Prince Harry to emigrate to the USA before 2020 +2,500

Would you like to find more of these weird novelty betting odds? Feel free to read through the latest review about Bovada Sportsbook and check out their betting markets!

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