Special Odds for Royal Wedding: Where to Celebrate the Royal Wedding?

Royal Wedding Special Odds

Prince Harry is soon to marry Princess Meghan, so it’s just about time to check out some of the most special odds for Royal Wedding!

Ever since it has been announced that Prince Harry will marry his love, online sportsbook news sites in the UK are going crazy. They keep writing about the marriage and about what’s going to happen there. But what’s going to happen at the Royal Wedding? We don’t know that yet, but we can have some ideas, thanks to the special odds for Royal Wedding at Paddy Power Sportsbook!

When will the Royal Wedding be held?

The Royal Wedding is near, yet there is no official date fixed so far. That’s why the best betting sites in the UK are still guessing – they are trying to predict the month of the wedding. And you can also make your own predictions thanks to the special odds for Royal Wedding! Bet on March, April or May 2018 for the respective odds of 9/2, 9/2 and 1/5!

Where will the Royal Wedding take place?

After the time, another interesting question is definitely the place. Where could you imagine the royal wedding to be held at? What place can be gorgeous and prestigious enough for such a couple to attend? A bar at the end of the street? Barely. But you can check out the special odds for Royal Wedding at the best online sportsbook sites in the UK.

Are they staying in London? The options are that bright in town. They could only get married either in the Windsor Castle or in the Westminster Abbey. The former one is the most likely with its 1/25 special Royal Wedding odds, while the latter one goes for 5/1. But travelling is also an option according to the special odds for Royal Wedding.

Are they to get married in Los Angeles? Bet on Prince Harry to marry Princess Meghan there for 150/1! A marriage in Las Vegas would pay at 300/1 while a bet on the Royal Wedding to be held in Glastonbury would also give you a profit of 300/1. But these are not the only special odds for Royal Weddings which involves Prince Harry leaving London…

Where will Prince Harry go on his stag?

That’s the literal question asked by Paddy Power Sporsbook, and you can place your bets now. Where would a proper British guy go on a stag? Cheap Eastern European countries like Budapest and Prague go for 25/1 and 20/1 at the popular betting site, but you have other options as well.

Is Prince Harry staying in the country? Will he just go to Chelsea to celebrate? The odds are 8/1. Is he to make a long trip to Las Vegas? The odds are 12/1. Will he go for the weed and magic mushrooms and red-light districts of Amsterdam? Okay, the latter one is hopefully not happening, but the odds for Amsterdam are 20/1.

These are only a few of the many special odds for Royal Wedding that you can find in the online sportsbook dictionary. Would you like to find even more than these? Check out our latest review about Paddy Power Sportsbook and let us know what you think about the best special odds for the Royal Wedding!

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