Spectrum Gaming and REMI to Assess Economic Impact of Casinos

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The Spectrum Gaming Group and REMI have teamed up to help both local, state and national governments to assess the economic impacts and the future of casino gaming.

In US gambling news, Regional Economic Models (REMI), an economic forecasting and policy analysis company, are working with the advisory firm Spectrum Gaming Group to conduct an analysis of casinos on the local and national economy.

According to both firms, this new initiative would help officials in the US and state governments, along with economists and regulators, to understand gaming.

This new venture will include a number of webinars, conferences and events for gaming stakeholders. REMI and Spectrum will join forces with a number of professionals to lead the effort.

REMI and Spectrum Gaming establish form gaming impact force

“No policy choice occurs in a vacuum and without nuance,” said Rod Motamedi, senior economic associate at REMI.

“A gaming study is also an analysis of tax, transportation, tourism, public health, and economic development issues. It takes a diverse and experienced team to make sense of it all,” he continued.

Since the gaming’s impact is constantly evolving, by examining everything from employment and tax policies to its impact on public services, the new team up hopes to gain complete understanding into the industry’s past and future.

The two firms have previously worked together to examine existing gambling markets and have helped the emerging markets understand the authorization of casino gaming, both in the context of US gambling laws and as an economic stimulus.

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