Speedway Grand Prix 2020 Betting Odds: Can Bartosz Defend his Title?

  • Speedway Grand Prix season’s opening race in Poland, 16 May
  • Reigning champion is Polish rider Bartosz Tmarzlik
  • Main rivals are Danish Leon Madsen and Brit Tai Woffinden
speedway grand prix 2020 betting odds

The previous season brought us a tight race and great excitement with Polish Bartosz Zmarzlik finally winning it. In the Speedway Grand Prix 2020 bettings odds are predicting him and his big opponent, Danish Leon Madsen at the top again. 

Speedway is a motorsport where usually 4 riders are racing in an oval track consisting of dirt, shale, and rock with a special speedway bike with no brakes and only one gear. The winner of each heat receives 3 points, the second 2 and so on. The sport is very popular in Northern and Eastern Europe and in North America and Australia. These countries are also giving place to the Grand Prix races, the season normally has 10 races from May until October. 

Speedway Grand Prix 2020 betting odds predict reigning champion in the top again

Bartosz Zmarzlik has become the third Polish rider to win the world championship, at the age of 24. He has been racing in the Grand Prix series since 2012 when he was given a wild card to race. He raced superbly and finished third, becoming the youngest rider to stand on the podium. 

After finishing second in 2018, this year he reached the top. He managed to keep his nerves and hold on to his lead even on the last race, where the Danish rider collected the maximum 21 points. But with Zmarzlik also getting 14 points, he finished two points ahead Madsen. A similar season is expected with a former champion also in the picture. Still, online sportsbooks in Poland are predicting Zmarzlik to fight for the title with 3.74 odds. 

Bookmakers are giving the same odds for his biggest rival, Leon Madsen, who finished very close behind him. Though Madsen is 31, he was competing in his first Grand Prix season after he won the Individual Speedway European Championship in 2018. He managed to win two major Grand Prix this season, the ones in Cardiff and Warsaw. He was also suffering from back and ankle injuries this year so he can be capable of an even better result.

speedway grand prix 2020 betting odds
Tai Woffinden in ’13 – Image source: Русский: Сергей Афанасьев English: Afanasyev Sergey / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Other riders who can fight for the title

Tai Woffinden is a three-time world champion, winning in 2013, 2015 and 2018. This season he was suffering from injuries and only finished in the 13th place. It doesn’t mean he won’t fight back though and race for the title next season. Speedway Grand Prix 2020 betting odds predict his return with 6.00 to be the world champion. 

The British rider is one of the best riders of his era, not without controversy. He just had his book published where he talks about his private life and biggest rivals as well in an honest tone. Woffinden also confirms that he is not done yet.  He mentions his aim of winning seven world championships and beating the current leaders of the all-time list. 

Online gambling sites in Poland are also mentioning a Russian rider, Emil Sayfutdinov as a favorite. He finished third last season, only six points behind the winner. He is a two-time U21 world champion from 2007 and 2008, also winning the European Championship twice.  Sayfutdinov also had success with the Russian team, as they won the Speedway of Nations in 2018 and 2019. Next season will be the first time that a Russian Grand Prix race will be in the calendar which can also fuel him. He has the same odds, 6.00 with 1xbet. To know more about other odds and 1xbet, just read our latest review about the 1xbet sportsbook

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