Sports Tipsters – Top Tips On How To Tell If They Are Genuine


Posted: September 15, 2023

Updated: September 15, 2023

If you think it through logically, why would a sports tipster share valuable information with other bettors. Especially in such a difficult business. Would you give away your secrets? This implies that they are selling dreams to gamblers too lazy or ignorant to perform their own research. Or those who imagine themselves making instant profits.

Professional sports tipsters make their living by offering recommendations to sports bettors. Some bettors find these suggestions valuable, while others feel deceived. Depending solely on tipster recommendations is a precarious approach to sports betting. After all, the sports tipping industry is riddled with pitfalls, and it’s filled with many fraudulent individuals looking to take advantage of unsuspecting bettors. Here at, we’ll delve into everything you need to know to enhance your chances of finding legitimate and profitable sports tipsters while avoiding potential scams.

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What Makes Tipsters So Attractive To Sports Bettors?

There are compelling reasons why bettors opt to subscribe to sports tipsters. Here are some of them:

Looking For A Profit

Primarily, bettors turn to sports tipsters in the hopes of improving their betting profitability. A tipster’s profitability is typically gauged (though never guaranteed) by their return on investment (ROI) over a specific period. Historical records offer a degree of assurance that their past betting recommendations have, at the very least, yielded success. With a track record of past performance, following certain tipsters can be an enticing proposition.

Learn Some Insider Knowledge

Tipsters are often considered experts in a particular sport, such as horse racing or soccer. In truth, they may be experienced bettors, sports enthusiasts, or possess expertise in data analytics, making their insights valuable.

Sports betting can also be a competitive endeavor among friends, where winning serves as a testament to one’s expertise or intelligence. Consequently, many bettors turn to tipsters to gain a competitive edge over their peers. This can be especially useful when betting at one of the best online sportsbook sites in the UK, 22Bet Sportsbook.

Get A Confidence Boost

Numerous bettors use tips to validate their own opinions about a sporting event. For instance, you might formulate your own prediction for an upcoming football match. If reputable sports tipsters confirm your prediction, it can bolster your confidence in your selections or, at the very least, provide additional assurance. Now, let’s explore the downsides…

The Risks Of Using Sports Tipsters

It’s crucial to understand why the majority of sports tipster services have left bettors disappointed for many years. That’s why we emphasise the significance of seeking out a verified tipster. Here are the primary reasons:

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No Profits If There’s No Advantage

Most tipsters fail to provide bettors with an edge, meaning they do not offer any real advantage with their selections. Essentially, their selection methods are ineffective. Consider a perfectly balanced tennis match between Team A and Team B, where both teams have an equal 50% chance of winning. Your tipster predicts “Team B,” and the available odds are 1.5. If you placed and won that bet at odds of 1.5, technically, the tipster was ‘correct.’ However, even though you made a profit, it doesn’t mean it was a wise bet. To make it a profitable move, you would have needed odds greater than 2.0 (1/1 in fractions). The same principle applies to all your wagers.

Finding Value Bets

Sports tipsters should provide you with the minimum odds you should accept for a bet. A reliable tipster understands the importance of value, while a poor one does not. This extends beyond sports tipping and is common in all forms of gambling. The vast majority of betting systems, strategies, selection models, and staking plans, whether for sports or casino games, ultimately fail in the long run because they do not provide a sustained advantage.

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It’s possible to experience winning streaks without having any genuine value in your bets. Your tipster might give you ten consecutive winning selections without considering their actual value. However, this is merely a phenomenon commonly referred to as luck. Betting based on value is indispensable. Without it, long-term profits are unattainable. Unfortunately, the importance of this concept is often underestimated. Select a tipster who comprehends the significance of value-based betting.

Beware Common Sports Tipster Scams

According to online gambling news in the UK, some of the most deplorable sports tipsters are those who have no intention of helping you make money. We’re referring to individuals who are well aware that their selections won’t yield any profits, yet they freely distribute them to unsuspecting bettors. Here are some examples of tipster scams:

Diverse Tips for Different Clients

Certain tipsters operate on a “win-win” basis, where they only benefit if you win. To increase their chances of predicting the outcome of a sporting event, they provide a wide range of selections, varying from one customer to another. This is a classic tipster scam.

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Bookmaker Affiliates

Many tipsters earn commissions by encouraging you to bet with bookmakers they are affiliated with, receiving a portion of your losses as a kickback. This creates a clear conflict of interest, as they are motivated to refer to losing players.

Sports Tipsters May Use Misleading Statistics

Some tipsters document their betting history using historical “peak” prices. While these prices did exist at some point, it is practically impossible to consistently obtain such odds for every bet.

Outright Fabrication

Other tipsters, who have not mastered the “peak price” trick, resort to completely altering their numbers. They often “forget” to record significant losing streaks, similar to claiming a shanked tee-off in golf was merely a practice swing. These scams can often be combined with one another. They persist because there is a steady stream of bettors willing to base their wagers on the flimsiest of evidence. In other words, bettors who are too lazy to do their own research. 

Ambiguous Incentives

It’s human nature, that when individuals possess a winning formula, they are hesitant to share it freely. While this may appear cynical, consider the following: Professional gamblers and those harbouring valuable insights into a sport are more inclined to capitalize on their expertise rather than extend assistance to others in pursuit of earnings.

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Moreover, if a tipster truly possesses coveted “inside information” (as many assert), it’s highly improbable that they would openly divulge such knowledge. Additionally, someone who has painstakingly crafted and refined a successful betting system over the years would not rush to share their selections, as it would only foster increased competition for favourable odds.

Nevertheless, it is not entirely inconceivable for a tipster to offer their genuine knowledge for a secure and consistent profit. To presume that every individual with a winning system boasts an extensive bankroll, high risk tolerance, and a penchant for placing substantial bets is somewhat unfair. So it remains slightly plausible that some tipsters might mitigate their risks by providing their knowledge as a service.

Many Sports Tipsters Have Dubious Track Records

A sports tipsters’ historical records frequently suffer from inaccuracy, incompleteness, or are even nonexistent. In fact, these are what cause the greatest grievance among professional bettors. Entire web pages are dedicated to castigating tipsters who claim profitability without showing any evidence to substantiate their wild claims. Remember that the realm of sports tipping operates without regulatory oversight. Consequently, in the absence of rigorous testing or legal framework, placing faith in the long-term profitability of a tipster becomes exceedingly challenging.

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Regrettably, according to online gambling news in the UK, this space is filled to the brim with unscrupulous actors, making it unwise to presume the best and take a leap of faith. For instance, there is a current trend on social media wherein accounts assert the ability to provide “sure wins.” Nevertheless, in the realm of sports tipsters, absolute certainty about outcomes is impossible, as an element of uncertainty always prevails.

Here at, our advice is to exercise caution when coming across tipsters who make grandiose promises, yey without the corroborating evidence. After all, if something appears too good to be true, it likely is. Keep in mind that with a limited sample size, any outcome is possible. This means you should only evaluate tipsters based on a substantial body of data.

Conclusion – Good Sports Tipsters Are A Rare Breed 

It’s essential to remember that subscribing to a tipster and then quickly amassing substantial profits through a sportsbook like 22Bet Sportsbook, belittles the arduous nature of achieving long-term profits through sports betting. Thus, conduct your own thorough research and approach all sports tipsters with caution. Bear in mind all the points listed in this post. This approach will increase your likelihood of identifying a bonafide tipster who genuinely adds value. However, these true gems are very rare to find within a sea of uncertainty.

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