Step by Step Breakdown on How to Bet on the MLB Online in the US

US MLB betting

Calling all baseball fans! In this article we’re breaking down exactly how to bet on the MLB online in the US, and listing a few of the wagers that you can make right now.

The 2017 MLB season kicked off on April 2nd, and we’ve already seen some of the betting odds shift dramatically from what they were listed as at the beginning. There are multiple bookies offering betting lines for this season, but here we’ll only look at the odds set by Intertops.

Before we get into bets though, we at GamingZion will be offering a step by step guide on how to bet on the MLB online in this US. Here’s how it works.

Choose a sportsbook that US sports fans can access

The first thing you’ll need to do is find the US sports betting site that’s right for you! Perhaps the easiest way to do this is head to check out our list of online sportsbooks in the US. We review each of these carefully and ensure that they will accept US players.

2017 World Series favorites

  • Houston Astros: 5.25
  • Los Angeles Dodgers: 6.00
  • Boston Red Sox: 7.00
  • Chicago Cubs: 7.50
  • Washington Nationals: 8.00

One of the most popular of these sportsbooks is Intertops. They’ve grown to become one of the largest sports betting websites in the world thanks to their huge list of betting options and safe payment options. Once you’ve chosen a sportsbook, head over to their promotion page.

Sign up and earn your welcome bonus

One of the best things about online sports wagering is that oftentimes you can receive huge bonuses, just for signing up to a site! Intertops, for example, is offering their members an incredible option to choose which sign-up bonus they want.

Intertops welcome bonus

There are three incredible welcome bonuses to choose from at Intertops right now (photo:

Sure, this isn’t exactly how to bet on the MLB online in the US, but with the money you earn here you can place a wide range of 2017 MLB bets! Members can choose either a 200% bonus up to $50, a 100% bonus up to $100, or a 50% bonus up to $200. Head to the special offers page at Intertops today to learn more.

Head to the baseball betting section

Now you’ve signed up, made your deposit, and are ready to bet. Great! Click the baseball tab on the left of the screen and you’ll be given a list of the available bets. There are essentially two options on how to bet on the MLB online in the US here. The first is betting on individual games, the other is on the outright winners.

Every single week, Intertops members will have access to a full list of the weekly MLB game betting odds. The odds here are not quite as lucrative as wagering on season winners, but they still offer a great way to cash out.

You can also bet on things like the individual league winners, and World Series winner. In terms of the league winners, the Houston Astros are the American League favorite with odds of 3.00, while the Los Angeles Dodgers are the National League favorite with odds of 3.25. Unsurprisingly, both these teams are also favored to win the World Series, with odds of 5.25, and 6.00, respectively.

To receive more information on how to bet on the MLB online in the US, make sure to follow GamingZion’s US gambling news page. Here you’ll find weekly article related to betting on the 2017 MLB season. Tell us who you think wins the World Series this year in the comment section below!

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