Who Are The Best Managers in Premier League Today?

Best Premier League Managers

Sir Alex Ferguson has clearly retained the title, but he has been gone for long, and Arsene Wenger is not a serious contender any longer. So, who are the best managers in Premier League nowadays?

Naming the best manager in Premier League would not have been so hard a few years ago: all online betting news in the UK would have agreed on it as a fact that Manchester United’s Sir alex Ferguson has been one of the biggest manager legend in Premier League history.

Back in the days, Arsene Wenger could have been counted as a serious competition for the Scottish manager in the Premier League. He is still in the business up until this very day but he clearly burnt out, despite the fact that he does win an unimportant trophy or two every now and then.

The question is: Is there anyone that even slightly reminds us of the former Manchester United manager legend? And if not, because not many can reach that level, then who are the best managers in Premier Leagues right now, and which teams are they helping? That’s what we were hoping to find out and explain!

1. Antonio Conte – Is he the best manager in Premier League?

Antonio Conte could be the first name that comes to mind when it comes to the best managers in Premier League today. Online sportsbooks in the UK considered Chelsea to be the strongest team in Premier League last season, and they will be likely candidates next season as well. And the Italian manager plays quite an important role in Chelsea’s recognition. He is definitely one of the best managers in Premier League today!

2. Jurgen Klopp – Can he lead Liverpool to glory?

Jurgen Klopp is one of a kind manager. He is constantly angry, never gives up on explaining everyone whatever he dislikes about the referee or anyone around him. However, his constant enthusiasm is definitely in his favour, and it’s one of the reasons why he’s such as successful manager – because he undoubtfully is one of the best managers in Premier League.

He was a fan favourite at Dortmund as he built up one of the strongest teams in Europe in only a few years with a perfectly executed project – they even reached a Champions League final in 2013. The goal is something similar at the helm of Liverpool as well: to follow on his project and turn the Reds into one of the best clubs in Europe. Only one of the best managers in Premier League would be capable of reaching that. We’ll see if he has it in him…

3. Jose Mourinho – Still winning trophies…

We must mention Jose Mourinho when it comes to the most successful managers nowadays. Online sportsbooks expected Mourinho’s Red Army to deliver trophies this season and so they did: Community Shield, FA Cup and Europa League are all in Manchester’s red side. Mourinho definitely is one of the best managers in Premier League today, but he has outstanding shoes to fill in. Is he the perfect replacement for Sir Alex?

4. Pep Guardiola – Is he the one to win titles for the Citizens?

Pep Guardiola might as well be the most controversial manager in Premier League. What he achieved with FC Barcelona is unquestionably one of the best performances ever made by a manager. His team was number one in the world. However he was not even close to that level with Bayern Munich, which also has quite an outstanding squad… Can he build another top team, this time in Manchester? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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