Straight 8s: Bet on Jamie Whincup to Win Supercars Championship!

Jamie Whincup has won the most Supercars Championships history. An 8th victory would only add to his list of trophy conquers. So would you bet on Jamie Whincup to win Supercars Championship 2018 as well?

According to Australia gambling news, the drivers and their respective teams have kicked off the 2018 Supercars Championship since the 3rd of March 2018. At the moment, 8 races have been covered and there are still 23 more to go! There are 16 race venues in total, all over Australia and New Zealand. And the date that marks the last race is November 25.

For Jamie Whincup to win Supercars Championship 2018, he would have to collect points in each race and surpass every other driver in the end. Do the odds agree that the 7-time Supercars Champion can achieve this?

The Secret to A Successful Jamie Whincup

The success of Jamie Whincup does not solely depend on his driving speed, but rather his stability. Jamie is the type of driver who has the sheer will to remain stable in multiple daring races. As a result of this consistency, he is now number 1 on the 2018 Supercars standings. To just rely on being fast is simply not enough.

Online gambling sites in Australia estimate the 3.00 odds for Jamie Whincup to win Supercars Championship 2018. If we exclude the slightly disastrous Adelaide Tour at the beginning, Jamie has won two races and finished top three in the rest. So far, he’s the best!

What If Jamie Whincup Lost?

On the other hand, you can also bet on Jamie Whincup to lose Supercars Championship 2018 with 1.395 odds as estimated by online betting sites in Australia. If this is the case, Shane Van Gisbergen (5.5) and David Reynolds (9) are two potential winners next in line. They are in the same team as Jamie’s.

Although Shane has won 2 races this year, just like Jamie, his performance in the other races were horrible. In contrast, David has not won any 2018 Supercars Championship race yet; but his current points as second in the standings are highly optimistic.

2017 Controversy between Jamie and Scott

The sharpest thorn that is preventing Jamie Whincup to win Supercars Championship 2018 is none other than Scott McLaughlin (2.75). This rivalry is obvious. Scott, the 24 year-old hot shot from New Zealand, was dominant throughout Supercars Championship 2017.

However, tragedy struck at the very last race. Just when it looked like Scott would win the championship, he was faced with 3 penalties during the Newcastle tour. Scott’s mistakes were enough to secure the winning title for Jamie Whincup. It’s true that if your foot is always on the pedal, you’ll be the fastest. But with the risk of penalties, you won’t necessarily win.

Bet on Jamie Whincup to Win Supercars Championship 2018!

The bookies’ favourite to win 2018 Supercars Championship is actually Scott McLaughlin (2.75), not Jamie Whincup (3.00). But, our conclusion is that the stable Jamie is not likely to slip up like Scott. So go ahead bet on Jamie Whincup to win Supercars Championship 2018 at 1xBet Sportsbook!

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