Study on US Social Casino Players

US social casino players

SuperData released a comprehensive study, analyzing the characteristics of US social casino players.

SuperData’s study on the behavior and characteristics of US social casino players provides vital information for the industry. Based on the analysis, casino app publishers should change their direction as players shift to mobile. Single-genre casino apps are the future of mobile casinos as mobile players prefer those over all-in-one casino applications.

US social casino players are more engaged than ever

Following the rapid growth of the social casino industry the user numbers are now declining. However, existing players are more engaged than ever. “Current players spend more and play more frequently than ever before, with some players’ lifetime value surpassing $600 on PC,” puts the Analyst.

The current situation of social casino advertising is rather complicated. While the ads can bring new players 35% of them quit playing because of excessive and aggressive marketing. SuperData advises operators to offer opt-in ads instead of pop-ups and interruptive advertisements. The reason is that players are annoyed if the app unnecessarily disturbs their game-play.

Overlap between TV and social casino gaming

Social casino games have to share the players’ attention with TV’s, as the study says the two go “hand-in-hand.” 63% of players watch TV while engaging in social gambling. Social casinos might as well take advantage of this by “including TV show-themed content in their games.“

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