Which Teams Deserve a Bet on World Cup Round of 16?

Have you been thinking about which teams to pick when placing a bet on World Cup Round of 16?

FIFA World Cup 2018
Who will win the World Cup?

If so, we will be more than happy trying to help you out! Here’s where to find the best teams as well as the best odds to bet on World Cup Round of 16!

Online sportsbook news sites in Russia had one day of rest today, but it’s all over as of tomorrow. Football is getting back right into our lives after this horrible one-day break, which was hard to survive, but we’ve done it.

Tomorrow from 4 PM (CET) it’s becoming even more interesting with some pretty impressive teams facing each other in hopes of qualifying for the World Cup Quarter Finals. But which are the teams that deserve a bet on World Cup Round of 16 and which are the ones we should try to avoid? Here they are!

Bet on World Cup Round of 16 on 30 June

Your first chance to bet on World Cup Round of 16 will be 30 June at 4 PM. No weaker teams than Argentina and France will play. Online sportsbooks regard France as slight favourites as the odds for France to qualify are 2.35, while the odds for Argentina to win are 3.34. If you believe the game is to be decided on extra time or penalties, you can get 2.99 odds at Vbet Sportsbook.

After this game, the winner will find out their opponent quite soon, as Portugal will face Uruguay starting at 8 PM. Sites in the online sportsbook directory expect Uruguay to win, but very tightly: Uruguay’s odds to win are 2.79, while the odds for Portugal to win are 2.85. The draw is the most probably option, especially because both teams are known for their top defensive skills, which is quite funny when we mention that the two teams have Luiz Suarez, Edinson Cavani and Cristiano Ronaldo as well. Yet we shouldn’t expect a match of many goals.

Bet on World Cup Round of 16 on 1st of July!

On first of July in the afternoon, we will see the hosting nation facing 2010 World Cup winner, Spain. The odds for Spain to win are much better as their chances are measured at 1.58 according to Vbet Sportsbook. The odds for Russia to win are 6.11. Will Russian football players watch the World Cup QFs only from the tv?

The winner of the Spain v Russia encounter will face the winner of Croatia v Denmark. Luka Modric and his mates are also clear favourites for this match. The odds for Croatia to win are 1.86, while the odds for Denmark to win are 4.74. The Danes have done a pretty great job in the group stages, but Croatia was much more convincing. Will it be an easy task?

Bet on Brazil v Belgium to face each other in the QFs!

On the 2nd of July, Brazil will play against Mexico where all online sportsbook sites in Russia will regard the Brazilians as clear favourites. The odds for Brazil to win are 1.50, while the odds for Mexico to win are 6.97. However, Mexico already knocked out one giant- no other than the World Cup title holder Germany itself. Can they knock out another World Cup favourite this time?

If they did, they would still have another task before reaching the semi-finals: they’d have to knock out the winner of the Japan v Belgium match. Japan almost failed to qualify for the next round when they were losing 1-0 to Poland, but Colombia did them a favour by beating Senegal, putting Japan in the qualifying 2nd spot. Belgium’s odds are 1.39, and that says a lot about the chances. Should you bet on World Cup Round of 16 match to be won by Japan, you’d find 8.76 odds at Vbet Sportsbook, but that might as well mean throwing money into the garbage.

The last of the World Cup Round of 16 matches on 3 July

With all due respect, this one is probably the weakest and most surprising quarter in the World Cup Round of 16. Sweden will be slight underdogs against Switzerland (3.04 v 2.58) while England will be favourites against Colombia (2.11 v 3.86). Which 2 of these 4 teams do you think will face each other in the QFs? Bet on World Cup Round of 16 today!

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