The Biggest NFL Criminals

the biggest nfl criminals aaron hernandez

The Biggest NFL Criminals have brought scandal through their horrific acts as well as money to punters through online sportsbooks in the U.S..

The National Football League has presented the world with tremendous displays of tactical intelligence and superb athleticism. Unfortunately, these players have gone astray. Players with everything have consorted to drug abuse, assault and murder.

• Gene Atkins beat his wife with a remote control and punched a cop in the throat
• Rae Carruth paid a man to kill his wife to avoid being a father
• A robbery charge put OJ Simpson away instead of a murder charge

The biggest criminals in the NFL were the products of a society that puts athletic performance above civilized behavior. Although they can produce boatloads of money through mobile betting, their vile deeds have scarred their sport. Let’s look at pro football’s top perpetrators.

Michael Vick’s heinous acts make him one of the biggest NFL criminals

Quarterback Michael Vick led the Atlanta Falcons to the playoffs twice. In 2006, he was indicted for promoting, funding and facilitating an illegal dog fighting operation. The Pro-bowler served a 21-month prison sentence. Unfortunately whenever a new team gave Vick an opportunity, reminders of his past acts weren’t far behind.

Leonard Little has a Super Bowl ring and two NFC championships. The St. Louis Rams defensive end also had a collection of DUI’s. One of these resulted in the death of Susan Gutweiler, a mother of two. After 90 days in jail and four years of probation, Little is still haunted with big thoughts of regret and suicide.

Pacman and Atkins represent NFL’s true “Thugs in Harmony.”

The biggest NFL criminal’s list can’t be complete without mention of Adam “Pacman” Jones. This cornerback and return specialist has never failed to deliver excitement in and off the field. Causing mayhem in strip clubs, assaulting people and consorting with drug dealers have defined his career.

Adam Pacman Jones Gene Atkins

Gene Atkins went from being an NFL safety to hanging signs for Target Drug Store. This illiterate was a star at University of Florida A&M and suffered from concussions. With charges like firebombing, beating his wife with a TV remote and punching a cop in throat, Atkins has made more dread than money to those who bet on sports in the US.

Rae and Phillips made their home in the NFL but are on holiday in prison

Rae Carruth was a wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers. He also forced his wife to get an abortion. Years later, after refusing to get another abortion, Carruth conspired to kill her. After several failed attempts a bullet finally severed her intestines, punctured a lung and cut her splenic artery. She died, but her son lived with Cerebral Palsy.

As one of the biggest criminals in the NFL, Lawrence Phillips played for the St. Louis, Miami and San Francisco. Domestic violence, spousal abuse and vehicular manslaughter brought Phillips a 33 year prison sentence. As it turned out, the lockup didn’t help with his violent nature.

Finally the Juice cuts loose and Ray was able to get away

OJ Simpson might lead the biggest NFL criminals list. Besides being the host to the most infamous murder trial in American history, OJ couldn’t keep away from trouble. Losing a wrongful death civil suit put him in debt. Breaking into a room of a luxury casino and stealing his memorabilia back put in prison.

Ray Lewis trial handcuffs

Ray Lewis is one of the best middle linebackers in NFL history. Many people internet betting have won big because of his defense. His admiration was so great, the two-time Super Bowl champion got out of a double homicide charge unscathed. After making settlements with the law and both of the victim’s families, the NFL Hall of Fame awaits.

OJ Simpson two trials

And a dishonorable mention

A dishonorable mention must go to Aaron Hernandez, who went from a Super Bowl-winning wide receiver to a maximum security prison’s guest. He’s serving life without parole for the 2013 first degree murder of semi-pro football player and small-time thug Odin Lloyd. He’s also been indicted for two other murders back in 2012! Catch a pass from Brady, bust a cap, go to practice, he really had personality issues. He screwed his life up for good at the age of 24. Apparently, he found his place there.

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