The History of Gambling In The Netherlands – 1973 – 2023

  • From complete ban to online gambling sites
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  • The history of gambling in the Netherlands
The History of Gambling In The Netherlands

In this article, we are going to discover the history of gambling in the Netherlands. Nowadays, you can register at many online gambling sites in the Netherlands. However, it was not always like this. Today, the Dutch government is one of the most influential legislative forces in Europe. Because they were among the first countries to suggest a change in the advertisement. However, the country is no stranger to complete gambling bans.

Therefore, the accurate Dutch gambling history is still young. Because the internet has changed the relationship between the country and gambling activities. If you find the culture of the Netherlands interesting. Then check out our list of the greatest Dutch athletes In 2022. Because these athletes will always show up in the upcoming sportsbook markets.

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State Lottery Introduced After World War II

The history of gambling in the Netherlands begins with the closure of World War II. Because the end of the war has brought changes all over the world. Therefore, in 1950 the first law arrived with the state lottery. People were able to buy lottery tickets. However, these were all a part of the national government. Therefore, the income was contributed to the national treasury. Because people could not run casino businesses. Nor were they allowed to host a game of chance conventions and meetings. Therefore, they established the Generality State Lottery in 1726. However, later the industry was regulated by the Holland Casino.

1973 Complete Gambling Ban – The History of Gambling In The Netherlands

The first casino had to come to a halt shortly after it’s creation. Because the government have introduced a complete gambling ban. However, once it has been lifted, the casino continued. Because the history of gambling in the Netherlands is filled with blank spots. Therefore, the country has gambling going back to the 14th century.

The History of Gambling In The Netherlands
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

However, these activities were not legal. Furthermore, there were no laws against them. Therefore, it was mainly the nobility hosting these games within their closed circle. Furthermore, people were playing dice and card games secretly in their homes. However, by 1973, these activities were completely illegal. Therefore, the country had nobody to control gambling. Because they have banned the industry as a whole.

1974 Holland Casino

According to Holland Casino, the greatest year for gamblers was 1974. Because this year has marked an important day in the history of gambling in the Netherlands. Therefore, Holland Casino has been formed. Because this organization was not only a simple entertainment company. Therefore, they were a part of the Netherlands government. Because they are still a part of the Dutch government.

Their role is to protect the consumers and provide a safe and crimeless atmosphere in the industry. Furthermore, they are still under the foundation of the government of the Netherlands. However, they do not have a monopoly anymore. Therefore, they own the majority of the land-based licenses.

More Land-Based Casinos Opening

One of the industrial outbreaks in the history of gambling in the Netherlands was the loosening of the monopoly. Because today establishments may open smaller casinos inside of their territories. However, the reason why fine dining restaurants are available there.

The History of Gambling In The Netherlands
Picture Source: Pxhere

Is because it is still not beneficial for someone to try to run their casino in the country. Therefore, you may find a handful of innovative casinos around. However, the Dutch government still owns the majority of the licenses.

Gambling Machines – The History of Gambling In The Netherlands

According to the Newyork Times, gambling was hard to ban in the European Union. Because there were several court cases when countries tried to regulate gambling. Therefore, the Netherlands is one of the countries that couldn’t close the industry today. However, they have always been experimenting with new ideas. Therefore, they had several suggestions for slot machines and vending machines.

However, these were proven to be unfair and incorrect. Therefore, the history of gambling in the Netherlands includes a ban on vending machines. Because they had a gambling vending machine that gave out tickets. However, a complete ban on vending machines arrived in 1995. Nowadays, these machines are fully legal in the country. Furthermore, the monopoly has ceased to exist. Learn about how the monopoly works in our other article called Hungarian iGaming legislation

Online Gambling Since 2021

The history of gambling in the Netherlands has changed with the internet. Therefore, trade associations are ensuring safe and responsible gambling. For example, we have the Netherlands Online Gambling Association. This company exists to ensure a healthy and versatile legislative framework.

The History of Gambling In The Netherlands
Picture Source: Pixabay

Therefore, in 2021 a law has been created to allow online gambling operators to existing. Furthermore, punters and players may visit and play at online gambling sites. Because several countries are banning these addresses. According to the  NOGABetway Sportsbook and Betway casino is one of the safest options. Because Betway Sportsbook is a part of the association that ensures a healthy online Dutch gambling atmosphere.

Modern Gambling Law Reform – The History of Gambling in the Netherlands

The history of gambling in the Netherlands is not over yet. Because the legal online gambling sites were just the beginning of a process. Therefore, when a market opens, marketing begins. Therefore, recent studies have shown that there are problems with advertisements. Because of this, the European countries have started a gambling law reform. This reform includes the ban on broadcast and public gambling advertisements.

Therefore, the Netherlands became an important part of the new European gambling culture. Because they are one of the few countries that banned loot boxes and started to regulate these advertisements. Today, you cannot find gambling sponsors on sports matches anymore. Furthermore, advertisements may only happen directly or on the internet. 

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