The Manchester Derby: The Best Bet On The EPL This Weekend

Manchester Derby 2016

When two tribes go to war it can get quite messy, just look at the US Presidential Election, but whilst Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump slug it out across the Atlantic (and everyone ignores them to watch Colin Kaepernick remain seated) in the UK it’s the giants of football that are getting together this weekend and at time to suit all audiences, so if you like to bet on the EPL get ready for a plethora of Premier League goals as pretty as the Hahner twins when Man City take on Man Utd this Saturday.

Manchester United

  • Old Trafford
  • Jose Mourinho
  • Revenue: 519.5m

The Premier League table has barely got going and already people are wondering if last year’s heroics from Leicester will be repeated, who’ll be this season’s Aston Villa and whether Jose Mourinho can keep his temper (and job) this weekend as Manchester’s two top tier teams come face to face in one of the great “derby” games of the English Premier League. You can always bet on the EPL to produce exciting football but when intra-city rivalries are at stake it gets pushed to a whole different level.

Manu Utd vs Man City

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an exciting new addition to Man Utd (photo:

Manchester City

  • Etihad Stadium
  • Pep Guardiola
  • Revenue: 436.5m

Manchester United and Manchester City have both achieved levels of success and fame any team would envy, and you can bet on the EPL cashing in on their global appeal of these sides and their collections of famous Premier League players at every turn, which is why their derby clash this weekend will be held at the earlier-than-usual time of 12:30 GMT allowing the game to straddle a golden zone that globalizes the audience and allows more people to take advantage of UK gambling laws wagering on the game live at Bet365.

Can The Manchester Derby Expect A Global Audience?

With a kick-off that allows people in the US to watch if they get up a little early on Saturday, and people in China to watch if they stay up a little late, you can expect the audience for this Manchester derby to be huge, one of the biggest Premier League games of the season, and all eyes will be on the recently appointed Jose Mourinho on the Manchester United bench whose antics are legend, but if you’re going to put a bet on the EPL you might want to look at his opponent, Pep Guardiola.

Manchester Derby

  • 12L30 GMT
  • September 10th
  • Man Utd – 13/10
  • Man City – 23/10
  • Draw – 9/3

As the statisticians who pour over the Premier League standings will point out Guardiola has come out ahead in the vast majority of their recent competitive matches, and he won’t be alone in the UK gambling news reports on Sunday will be of a Man City victory, however this isn’t Chelsea anymore and City aren’t showing the same vigor that perhaps they’ll need on Saturday. They go into the game getting around 23/10 at Bet365, and although Man Utd’s odds are drifting slightly they’re still getting 13/10. So then perhaps the best bet on the EPL this weekend will be a draw.

Bet On The EPL Or NFL At Bet365

The chances of a draw between these two mammoth names in the English Premier league is currently around 9/4 at Bet365 and that may be quite a nice little wager given how tight and cagey derby games can often be. Premier League results are all vital, and a one nil win is still a win, and no one wants to lose to their nearest and dearest rivals. Last season Man Utd kept City from scoring in their two meetings and a close game could end in an even scoreline, and a draw a good bet on the EPL.

Manchester City team

Manchester City are the underdogs heading into the game against Man Utd (photo:

Naturally if you like to bet on sports in the UK there is the distraction that is the start of the NFL regular season meaning even if you don’t bet on the EPL you still have to decide if it’ll be the Green Bay Packers or the Seattle Seahawks that will fight through to win the next Super Bowl despite placing a bet on either one so early in the season being as risky a gamble as Apple removing the headphone socket from the new iPhone 7, and although you can find the best odds for the NFL at Bet365, you should really still back your Premier League predictions and choose between City and United.

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