The Monaco Grand Prix Betting Odds Preview

Monaco Grand Prix

Formula One is back on the mean streets of Monte Carlo but once again the race leaves organizers of the Monaco Grand Prix betting no one will notice just how inappropriate it now is to use a track that was dated in the fifties, and with qualification all important in this up-coming parade around the tax haven paradise for the pilferers of society, the bookies odds reflect the sort of race we’re going to see, so who should you be backing?

Monaco Grand Prix Betting

  • Lewis Hamilton @ 13/8
  • Nico Rosberg @ 9/4
  • Daniel Ricciardo @ 5/2

The drivers loathe it, the teams hate it, there’s nowhere to overtake and the pits are prehistoric, but once again those with their sticky little mitts on the purse strings have dragged the F1 circus back to Monte Carlo for another running of the Monaco Grand Prix betting that because it is such a spectacle no one will notice it’s no longer a race but a smooze-fest for sponsors, VIPs and the sort of Formula One fan that would be surprised the cars have four wheels. .

The narrow twisting street circuit holds a special place in the history of the sport, but should almost certainly be consigned to it, with the modern day F1 cars entirely wasted amongst the barriers, attempting to take corners designed for cars half a century ago in today’s high-tech computerized monstrosities. Glamorous it may be, racing it isn’t. Equestrians have the hugely ridiculous Dressage event, Monaco is F1’s dressage, and I’m sure I won’t be alone watching the Monaco Grand Prix betting the addition of a few horses on the track might not make it a more fun, if messy, spectator sport.

This means that your place on the grid is tantamount to where you’ll finish, barring technical failings or your childish fellow rich-boy team mate deciding to play ping pong with your car. Of course there’s always the outside chance one of them will make an unforced error and nose their car into the barriers, but we can hardly count on it, so if you’re going to watch the Monaco Grand Prix betting on it may be the only way to add some excitement, so if you’re going to take advantage of US gambling laws who should you be backing?

This Weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix Betting Odds

Naturally with four out of five wins this season so far, and only denied a fifth by the intra-Mercedes silliness of the Spanish Grand Prix, you’d expect Nico Rosberg to be going into the Monaco Grand Prix betting he’d have the lowest odds on winning, but despite his living there (for purposes of tax evasion) and having won the race for the last three years on the trot the German doesn’t sit in the favorite’s position with feud partner Lewis Hamilton taking 13/8 at Betfair to Rosberg’s 9/4, which makes the latter an attractive little wager.

But whilst the Mercedes have the ongoing advantage of driving a car whole seconds-a-lap faster than everyone else, on the Monte Carlo street track that is far less important, and in the early practice sessions it was Daniel Ricciardo from Red Bull who was setting the pace, which explains why he’s garnering 5/2 to win at Betfair, the bookies of the Monaco Grand Prix betting that his single lap times don’t add up to a winning race against the Mercs, which is a little unfair, but the real gambling news is the long odds they’re giving Max Verstappen.

Youngest ever GP winner, and the only Dutchman to ever achieve a win on the F1 track, 18 year old Max Verstappen drove a stunning Spanish Grand Prix to grab the top podium place in the absence of the Mercedes, however he’s only getting 11/1 to win and is perhaps starting the Monaco Grand Prix betting that he may not win but almost certainly won’t have quite such a dramatic high speed accident in the race as he did last year, when contact with a slower car ahead saw him hammer headfirst into a wall.

Check Out The Margins Of Monaco Grand Prix Betting

But if Max feels hard done by its Ferrari that have to be looking at the Monaco Grand Prix betting odds with dismay. The typically happy funster Sebastien Vettel (who recently has been getting a bit snappy with his team and fellow drivers) is only getting 14/1 and his team mate Kimi Raikkonen who still holds the record for the fastest ever lap on the circuit for his 2006 qualifying lap of just 1:13.532 gets only 50/1 at Betfair et al which isn’t so much a slap in the face as it is a kick in the balls.

Of course if you want to bet on sports in the UK Formula One racing offers far more than just a book on the winner, and Betfair are offering a range of interesting opportunities, and whether you fancy watching the Monaco Grand Prix betting on which team’s car will retire first, Haas or Manor lead there at 13/2, or on the winning margin, where under 5 seconds is at 8/11 and between five and ten 5/2, with anything over that 3/1, although on this slow circuit a result like that might require all the other cars turning into a pillar of salt or something.

Naturally in the World Championship it’s Nico Rosberg and his four wins so far this season that is leading the odds at 4/7, with Betfair giving Lewis Hamilton 8/5 to sort his head out and actually win a race or two this year, Ricciardo gets 14/1 but it’s Max Verstappen the wunderkind getting just 25/1, far more impressive than it sounds, that signposts a massive future for him just as soon as the old men with better cars ahead of him retire or kill each other in a fiery unnecessary impact at turn one. It’s only a matter of time, but I won’t be watching the Monaco Grand Prix betting it’ll be during this weekend’s parade.

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