The Most Gambling Addicted States in The US

  • Always look after your health while gambling
  • There is a new study on the topic of problem gambling in the US
  • These are the most – and least – gambling-addicted states in the US
The Most Gambling Addicted States in The US

Everyone who has ever gambled in the United States, probably knows that each state has its own legislation on wagering. Some states have a long history with gambling, some of them are just stepping on that way. But did you know that the way residents use gambling platforms also differs from state to state? Some of them do it excessively, some of them are not. A recent study revealed which are the most gambling-addicted states in the US.

If we had to explain what gambling is, we would say that it is an exciting and entertaining way to spend some free time – and if lucky, win a little extra money. Sadly, some wagers tend to forget this, and they are trying to use wagering for something that it is not good for. Making big money, for example. And by going to the other extreme they get caught in a bad circle. So, it would be important to stay aware of your gambling. However, it is not always that easy as said. This is why legislators, lawmakers, operators, and other organizations are trying to help wagers in need. The first step would be admitting your problems. This is what this study is aiming for: it lists the most gambling-addicted states in the US.

Gambling problems in the US

According to The Recovery Village, “as many as 10 million Americans live with a gambling addiction. (…) Unfortunately, most people who have a gambling addiction don’t see it as a problem. Only 21 percent of incarcerated individuals assessed as having gambling addiction thought that their gambling was problematic. Understanding gambling addiction facts can help reduce stigma and misunderstandings related to this disorder and make it easier to find access to professional treatment.” So, being aware of your problem is one thing. Looking for help is another. And last, but not least, understanding that it is not the fault of online gambling sites in the US, is also another. No one has ever gotten addicted by spinning some slots on Whamoo Casino. It can only cause problems when you are not using these in the right way for the right purposes.

The Most Gambling Addicted States in The US
Know your limits

The most Gambling Addicted States in The US

WalletHub revealed its newest study on which US states are most affected by problem gambling. It was high time to conduct a study like that, since the popularity of online sports betting sites in the US constantly increasing. Plus, more and more states are legalizing the activity. So, they were trying to dig into the gambling schemes of the fifty states by comparing them to each other. They revealed which are the most gambling-addicted states in the US. It is Nevada to hold the first place in the most gambling-addicted states. The second on the list is Mississippi. It is followed by South Dakota, then Montana, and Louisiana. That of course does not mean that everyone wagering in these states has a problem with gambling. If you do not find the signs of it on yourself, you are free to go on playing your favorite games on Whamoo Casino!

Other aspects of the study

They also pointed out some interesting facts about wagers. For example, that throughout the United States, the gambling-related loss is more than 100 billion dollars per year. Also: female gambling addicts grow around 15000 dollars as debt. In the meantime, males do accumulate some between 55 000 and 90 000! They also revealed which is the least gambling-addicted state: it is Utah! It is followed by North Carolina, then Maine, and Michigan. It is the latter, where you can find adults with the lowest percentage of gambling disorders. To them: nice job, keep on the responsible wagering!

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